Follow the Prophet Riddles

For a fun way to introduce, or review Follow the Prophet this month, have some laughs with these Follow the Prophet Riddles! This logical activity is a great way to encourage the kids to put their problem-solving skills to the test as they learn together!

Use logic and fun to see if the kids can figure out which prophet in this cute printable Follow the Prophet Riddles game for LDS Primary Singing Time or CFM.

My primary kiddos have been LOVING word games lately! My Senior primary especially enjoys getting a word puzzle or a riddle to solve. That’s why I’m so excite do bring this riddle activity into singing time this month!

Follow the Prophet Riddles

The idea behind this activity is pretty simple. If I asked you to think about the prophet Noah, the first thing that would come to your mind might be an ark or animals. If I showed you a picture of the tree in the Garden of Eden, you would probably think of the prophet Adam!

This activity takes the associations so many of us have to create a fun riddle game. For this activity, you will give clues or riddles that match to each prophet in Follow the Prophet. Kids will take turns solving the riddle to learn a little bit more about prophets!

Use logic and fun to see if the kids can figure out which prophet in this cute printable Follow the Prophet Riddles game for LDS Primary Singing Time or CFM.

Here are just a few of some of the silly Follow the Prophet Riddles and clues I came up with:

  • 40 years is a long time to be in the wilderness. Whenever I buy flowers, I like to buy roses – MOSES
  • Whale, Whale, Whale, I will try to listen the first time from now on – JONAH
  • I lived in the garden, the very first man of them all. If you climb up an old ladder, you might fall – ADAM
  • Lions here! Lions there! Lions everywhere! – DANIEL
  • See the rest of the riddles in the printable below!

Once you put a few together, you’ll find that these riddles are super easy to come up with! After writing some riddles, write or print them on strips of paper to bring to primary.

During primary, split the class into two teams. Put one riddle on the board at a time, and see which side can correctly solve the riddles! To solve the riddle, the teams will need to correctly identify the prophet that the riddle describes.

How to Play:

  1. Using understanding of Old Testament prophets, create one clues or riddle that corresponds to each of the prophets. Write or type the riddles onto strips of paper.
  2. At the beginning of primary, split the class into two teams.
  3. Put one riddle on the board and read it aloud. To solve a riddle, children must raise their hand and guess the prophet that the riddle matches.
  4. Award teams points for correctly solving riddles!
  5. If teams are struggling to solve the riddle, they may ask a teacher for 1/2 points.
printable Follow the Prophet Riddles game for LDS Primary Singing Time or CFM.

Extension Ideas:

  • Instead of doing a big group competition, do a class competition! Give each class a set of riddles and see which group can solve all the riddles first!
  • Hide the riddles around the room. On the back of each riddle, write a specific way to sing the song. For example, you could write “sing on your tip-toes!” or “Act out your favorite animal!”
  • Divide out the riddles so that each class has a few of them. Have classes only sing the verse of their riddle’s prophet!
  • You can also find some more fun church riddles here! How else can you incorporate these? There are some really cute ones, but they are a CHALLENGE for sure!

Printable Follow the Prophet Riddles Lesson Plan

I’ve created a printable lesson plan to help you prep for this activity! The first page of this printable includes activity instructions, as well as extension ideas for primary. You can download this lesson plan by clicking on the “Exclusive Content” button below.

printable Follow the Prophet Riddles game for LDS Primary Singing Time or CFM.

The rest of the printable includes riddles to include in your activity. Simply print and cut out these riddles and keep them hidden! If you are planning on creating some of your own riddles, you can use this printable as a starting point for some ideas.

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You’ll also love this Guest Prophet idea to teach Follow the Prophet with fun visitors that come to teach the kids!

Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet

What riddles will you be using in this activity? Let us know in the comments!

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