My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Pick a Picture Phrase

Let the kids help you crack the code of My Heavenly Father Loves Me with this game that even the Junior primary will be able to figure out.

They’ll love trying to decipher the pictures and symbols to put the song back in order in this Pick a Picture Phrase game.

My Heavenly Father Loves Me - Primary Singing Time Game - Pick a Picture Phrase

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Pick a Picture Phrase

For Junior Primary, make a simple picture phrase to represent the words of one line of the song.

We created a printable you can download and use to save you time, or make your own if you prefer. This is what ours look like.

After you’ve printed out your Pick a Phrase game you’ll want to cut the paper into sections.

Cut out and separate your picture phrases into strips so that the song lines can be mixed up and the kids can help you arrange the picture strips. Each strip should have just one short phrase of the song.

For example, “Whenever I hear the song of a bird” as represented by – “hear” + “song” + “bird”.

You can play 2 ways:

Decode & Stand

If you have a bunch of really young kids in your Junior Primary, you may want to aim this game towards just decoding what the phrase means. You can pick out one Primary helper and let them pick one random picture phrase.

From there, ask them what the pictures mean and what words they might represent. Have the primary kids sing along listening for those words and STAND UP as soon as they hear them.

Continue playing until you’ve made your way through each of the word strips, slowly arranging them in order on the board.

  • In Senior Primary – After decoding the parts you can give different classes different word strips and they have to pay attention and stand and sing ONLY their parts. Trust me, they’ll love this!


Put each of the strips up on the white board in a messed up order. Start to sing through the song, pointing along through the first picture and then pause.

Explain how you noticed something wasn’t quite right. Ask the Primary if they can help you find the first words. Continue working your way through the song as you rearrange the picture phrases.

  • In Senior Primary – Have 2-3 rearrange while everyone sings through the song. Keep repeating until the song is all unscrambled.

It’s an easy and low-prep way to introduce this song that helps connect the words to what is being sung. Or, this game works well for review!

Click here —-> to Download My Heavenly Father Loves Me Pick a Picture Phrase

Need another idea for Senior Primary? Head over to our “grown up” version of this crack the code game – the Not That Word Game!

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