I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Mission

Everyone will get a kick out of this I’m Trying to be Like Jesus Secret Mission activity! You’ll try to follow a simple action whenever you sing a specific word, without getting caught and having others discover what your word an action is!

It’s a great way to tie in the ways we are Trying to Be Like Jesus in our everyday lives and start a thought-provoking conversation in a fun way.

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Missions fun singing time idea for LDS Primary Music leaders. Teach I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus with this fun hidden objective activity. They'll be given a small task to do (like scratch your body) whenever they sing a specific word -- but try not to get caught! Printable song helps and ways to teach this song in Primary.

I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Mission

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How to Play:

Sing through I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (lyrics here) before introducing this activity.

Then, use one of these 3 fun ways to play Secret Mission below.

Conclude with your testimony that people notice the small things you do and the ways you try to be like Jesus!

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Missions fun singing time idea for LDS Primary Music leaders.

#1 Infection Style – The music leader (or pick a volunteer child) is infected with a new viral strain. Watch out, it’s contagious!

Choose one of the secret mission challenges below. Tell the children to watch you closely because you’re feeling a little strange. Sing through the song with your new tick in place.

Explain that you seem to have picked up some funny habits while singing. Raise your hand if you noticed one of them.

Call 2-3 children to come up front and whisper what they saw. If correct, explain the rule and have them join you.

Continue infecting the Primary room with the funny tick until everyone is joining in. Then start fresh with a new strain and action.

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Missions fun singing time idea for LDS Primary Music leaders.

#2 Teachers First – Hand out the 4 secret missions to 4 Primary teachers or the Primary Presidency sitting with the different classes. Tell the kids the teachers have a secret mission, and they need to try to figure it out.

At the end of each song, the teachers will have their class raise their hand if they think they know what it is. Call on 1 or 2 children and when someone from the class gets it right the whole class does the pattern!

When all the classes have completed the challenge, let them rotate tasks and sing again or try all 4 together!

#3 Primary vs Volunteer – Pick a volunteer to go out of the room. Explain one of the secret missions to the rest of the Primary.

Invite the volunteer back in and sing through the song with the mission in place.

See if the child can guess what the pattern is. If they don’t get it, sing the song a second time at double speed (it’ll make the moves a little more pronounced) and let them guess again.

Continue with a new volunteer and a new secret mission.  

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Missions fun singing time idea for LDS Primary Music leaders.

Extension Activities:

  • When you have finished a secret mission, keep the action but add a dramatic flair! Then continue adding another action.
  • Try infection style combined with Primary vs Volunteer!! Have the volunteer go out and then pick a random child to start with the action. After each time through the song without a correct guess, have the volunteer go back out of the room and add more helpers! Start with 1-2, then 4-6, half the room, then the whole room!
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I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Mission Printable Song Helps & Lesson Plan

This printable lesson plan for I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Mission includes a one-page overview with directions and 3 fun ways to use this activity in Primary. Plus a couple of fun extension ideas!

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Secret Missions fun singing time idea for LDS Primary Music leaders.

Then, you can print the secret mission cards in 1/4 sheet or full page size – depending on how you plan to use the secret missions. If sharing with the Primary, you may want to choose the full size and then flip it over when the seeker comes back in.

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What other fun ideas do you have for a secret mission for this song? How did this activity go over in your Primary?

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