New Testament June Primary Songs

Are you ready for June? This can be a busy month as you start to get into summer vacations, travel, and off of your typical school schedules. But don’t worry — I’ve got you covered this summertime with lots of teaching ideas and the perfect go to activity to share with a substitute!

New Testament June Primary Songs List and Singing Time Teaching Packet for Come Follow Me LDS Primary Music Leaders - Includes Love One Another, Behold the Great Redeemer Die, Did Jesus Really Live Again, and summer ideas!

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Each month your INSTANT Primary Singing membership includes more than 25 singing time ideas with coordinating printables with ideas for all 3 of the suggested monthly songs plus holiday or seasonal ideas!

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This Month’s INSTANT Primary Singing
New Testament: June

June’s focus includes:

New Testament June Singing time packet sample of the variety of included activities

Master List of this month’s printables:

  • June Song Reference
  • Monthly Singing Time Ideas Overview Reference Sheet for easy planning
  • Monthly pre-filled in and Editable Planning sheet
  • Love One Another – 9 Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • Behold the Great Redeemer Die – 8 Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • Did Jesus Really Live Again – 8 Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • Summer – 2 Singing Time ideas
  • BONUS: Hot & Cold Review Game Occasions Cards
Hot & Cold singing time review game - Sing along with these fun themed occasion cards.

June Exclusive Files List!

This month’s EXLUSIVE files include these additional bonus files, not available outside of your membership! These files are already included within your 1-click downloads!

  • Singing Time Lesson Plan in the Printables!
  • Love One Another:
    • Ribbon Wand – Pattern Cards
    • Foreign Language – Full Page
    • Line Matching – 2-page printable
    • Magic Crayon – Cut-out Cards & Full Page
    • Song Story – Colored
    • Hand Bells – Full Page
    • ASL – Color and Without Words
  • Behold the Great Redeemer Die:
    • Letter Maze – No Color and Additional Verses
    • Dance Scarves – Full Page Cards
    • Egg Shakers – Challenge Pattern & Black and White
    • Song Trivia – Question posters & 2nd Verse
    • Draw the Shapes – Full Page
    • First Letters – Additional Verses
    • Pat the Melody – Additional Verses & Alternate Patterns
  • Did Jesus Really Live Again:
    • Find the Word – Missing keywords, plus 2nd and 3rd verse
    • Scripture Stories – Full Page Scriptures
    • Resurrection Eggs – Graphics for inside the Eggs
    • Cup Pattern – 2nd and 3rd verse
    • Oohs and Aahs – 3rd Verse
    • Word Map – Larger Graphics
    • Eraser Pass – 2nd and 3rd verse
    • Shadow Pictures – Color & 2nd and 3rd verse
  • Summer Ideas:
    • Stacking Tower – Editable, Larger Size
    • Beach Ball – Ideas Index, Printable Helps
  • Exclusive Bonus:
    • Hot & Cold Review Game Cards

That’s 28 singing time ideas, 12 flip chart options, and over 420 pages of awesome content you’re going to love!!

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INSTANT Primary Singing Membership Easy ideas for Music Leaders annually pricing plan instant

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Which of these songs do you plan to teach this month?

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