Easy Hot & Cold Review Game

Are you looking for the perfect go-to game to play to review one of your Primary songs? You’ll love this easy Hot & Cold review game! It’s the #1 suggested game whenever Primary music leaders ask for a no-prep easy activity to practice their songs, and for good reason. This one activity is no fuss and the kids never tire of it, and it’s perfect to leave with a substitute!

Hot & Cold singing time review game - Sing along with these fun themed occasion cards. For LDS Primary music leaders printable activity idea!

Hot & Cold Review Game

How to Play:

Invite one child to leave the Primary room for a moment. Let another child hide your seasonal symbol somewhere in the room. The first child returns to the room and then sing the song together.

January and February Hot & Cold singing time game cards

Sing soft while they are far away from the hiding spot and sing louder and louder the closer they get to the hiding spot until they find it!

It’s super easy and fun and no-prep needed! You’ll absolutely love having this activity in your back pocket. It’s also a great go-to for when you have a substitute. You can provide them with an activity and give this activity as a back up if they need to switch gears.

Hot & Cold singing time review game cards laminated

Extension Activities:

  • Pick a confident singer as your seeker. Hide the microphone card and have it switch to the seeker getting to sing the rest of the song as a solo or with a friend once they find the card for a fun new twist!
  • Hide two cards with each child assigned to a specific card. Divide the room in half, which each side singing louder and softer for their seeker. This would be a fun challenge for the Senior Primary group.
Black and white coloring page hot & cold game cards

Hot & Cold Singing Time Cards

I’m including 2 free cards below to get you started, or pick-up the entire set of 26 different themed cards to play this game all throughout the year with different seasons, holidays, and occasions! The extended set is available in my shop.

Hot & Cold singing time cards index of all the cards printable

Hot & Cold Singing Time Cards:

  • January: Snowflake
  • February / Valentine’s Day: Heart
  • March / St Patrick’s Day: Clover
  • Spring: Butterfly & Flowers
  • March / April / Easter: Bunny
  • Easter: Easter Basket
  • Easter: Tomb
  • April / October: General Conference Pulpit
  • May / Mother’s Day: Mother
  • June / Father’s Day: Father
  • Summer: Beach Ball
  • Summer: Watermelon
  • 4th of July: USA Flag
  • New Year’s / 4th of July: Fireworks
  • Pioneer Day: Covered Wagon
  • Back to School: Backpack
  • October / Halloween: Pumpkins
  • October / Fall: Leaves & Nuts
  • November / Thanksgiving: Turkey
  • December / Christmas / Birthday: Gift
  • December / Christmas: Jesus in a Manger
  • Any Season / Time of the Year:
    • Jesus
    • Temple
    • Baby
    • Microphone
    • Music Notes
Hot & Cold review game for different holidays 1/2 page size

26 Hot & Cold Holiday Cards

You’ll find the entire collection of Hot & Cold cards to sing and play with in your Primary room included in this bundle! There’s tons of variety to get you through the year and review any song of your choice in a super easy and fun way the kids never get tired of!

Head over to my shop to pick up this set of Hot & Cold Review Game Cards. You can also find this review game set in my Etsy shop here.

Hot & Cold singing time review game - Sing along with these fun themed occasion cards.

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New Testament June Primary Songs List and Singing Time Teaching Packet for Come Follow Me LDS Primary Music Leaders - Includes Love One Another, Behold the Great Redeemer Die, Did Jesus Really Live Again, and summer ideas!

Hot & Cold Review Game Printable Cards to Hide!

To help you get started with this fun activity, I’ve included the 2 general cards to hide in the half-page size! You’ll find the music notes and singing microphone included to play this activity whenever you need a go-to activity.

Free printable Hot & Cold singing time review game cards

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What other fun ways do you extend or adapt this Hot & Cold game to keep it fresh and interesting for the Primary children?

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