Introducing: INSTANT Singing Time – What You Should Know!

I’m excited to announce a new way to connect with you through a membership that will let me bring EXCLUSIVE content plus INSTANT ad-free access to my printables. Some of you might be wondering, why I’ve decided to launch a membership and how it will impact this website.

Here’s what you’ll find in this post:

  1. I’ll share my why in this real talk section, next.
  2. What’s changing exclusive vs free in-post printables
  3. Then, sneak peek at what’s included in January’s membership!
Introducing: INSTANT Singing Time - What You Should Know! Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders 1january preview

1. Why a Start a Membership?

Behind the Scenes Real Talk:

Did you know that I put in 30-40 hours each week of work creating singing time ideas, designing printables, posting social media updates, fixing old posts, making flip charts, adding general posts to help music leaders, and so much more.

Pageviews and ad revenue helps, but I’m currently making minimum wage in exchange for the time investment. I’m okay with it, because I LOVE the creative outlet and I hope this blog continues to grow as the go-to source for Primary Music Leaders.

But, to help support my family and the time invested I’m offering a new membership for those who want everything I can offer! I hope it’s a win-win situation!

Introducing: INSTANT Singing Time - What You Should Know! Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders 1860883

Here are some of the issues I hope this membership helps to tackle:

  • My time is at a premium and I need planning help!
  • I’m a new music leader and not sure how to get started
  • I don’t have time or energy to bounce from post to post
  • The ads are intrusive or bothersome to me
  • I don’t want the weekly email newsletter (for PLUS+ access)
  • There’s so many ideas it can be overwhelming

Fast, Easy, Convenient, Organized, & Ad-Free:

You’ll be able to skip jumping from post-to-post to find all my printable files. The printables are available now for January and available:

  • Faster with early access
  • Easier with a 1-click download packet
  • More convenient with 1-page for all the files
  • With a monthly chart to help you pick your activities in minutes!
  • Plus, you’ll skip all the in-post ads to reach those files

2. What’s Changing on Primary Singing?

I’ll still be giving away free printables in-post for all the monthly songs for email subscribers. But a few things are changing:

Printed Lesson Plan Directions:

You’ll notice I won’t be including the printable lesson plan overview within the free printables going forward. But no worries, all of the directions on how to use the printables are right in the post!

This change is really important because I’ve found many skip right past all the useful information straight to the printables. This hurts the most critical website metric – time on site – which impacts search ranking and ad revenue.

Jesus Once Was a Little Child First Letters logical activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching Come Follow Me New Testament,
  • Singing Time Lesson Plan with each printable

Extended Printables:

I have a passion for making printables with TONS of flexibilty and options. But that means for most people a very big file that can be confusing. To simplify those downloads, some of the extended ideas will become exclusives for members.

Cute Time of Your Life singing time idea and printables song helps for LDS Primary music leaders. It's a perfect theme to throw back to your favorite songs from the past or introduce new Primary songs at the beginning of the year with old VHS tapes and singing speed printable cards.

Here’s what’s different in January’s list:

  • Jesus Once Was a Little Child – Foreign Language in 1/2 sheet size
  • Jesus Once Was a Little Child – Yoga Poses in full page, color
  • Jesus Once Was a Little Child – First letters bonus color code
  • Time of Your Life – Full page time keepers and singing speed cards

Exclusive Printables:

There will also be some of my printables that won’t be shared publicly on my blog. These activities likely won’t be tied to a specific song title, as I want everyone to be able to utilize all those ideas each month. You can see an example in the list below to see how it’s changing.

The exclusive files might include a seasonal activity, a printable help for staying organized, a genius printable to stash in your singing time bag for subs, etc! See the Song Snowflakes this month as an example! I spent an entire day creating those and testing them out.

These files may be available for sale separately in my Etsy shop, but won’t be offered as part of the free in-post printables.

7 more fun printable Primary Song Snowflakes template printables! Use these cute snowflakes as a way to introduce a variety of new songs or review your choice of song selections. Singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders.
  • January Singing Time Ideas Reference
  • January Filled-in Planner and Editable Planning sheet
  • 7 Primary Song Snowflakes

3. INSTANT Primary Singing
What’s Included in January:

January’s Focus includes:

  • Come, Follow Me
  • A Child’s Prayer
  • Jesus Once Was a Little Child
  • New Year ideas!
Introducing: INSTANT Singing Time - What You Should Know! Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders january preview

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s included plus a massive list of all the printables:

  • January Song Reference
  • Monthly Singing Time Ideas Overview Reference Sheet for easy planning
  • Monthly pre-filled in and Editable Planning sheet
  • (9) Come, Follow Me Singing Time Ideas – with printables for each!
  • Come, Follow Me Flip Charts – in 4 styles!
  • (9) A Child’s Prayer Singing Time Ideas – with printables for each!
  • A Child’s Prayer Flip Charts – in 4 styles!
  • (5) Jesus Once Was a Little Child Singing Time Ideas – with printables for each included exclusive bonus printables for 3 of the lesson plans!
  • Jesus Once Was a Little Child Flip Charts – in 4 styles!
  • (9) New Year Singing Time ideas – with printables for each included 7 exclusive Printable Song Snowflakes

That’s 32 singing time ideas, 12 flip chart options, and over 250 pages of awesome content you’re going to love!! (278 pages, to be exact!)

Join INSTANT Primary Singing!

INSTANT Primary Singing membership subscription for immediate 1-click access to all singing time ideas for the monthly Come Follow Me songs!

If you want to read EVEN MORE about INSTANT Primary Singing I’ve shared a ton of information on these two additional posts:

Get started today and get IMMEDIATE access to everything included in the INSTANT Primary Singing Membership!

INSTANT Primary Singing Monthly package of singing time ideas

Included for all Monthly Subscribers:

  • 18+ ideas and printables each month
    • Includes printables for the monthly songs from the suggested list
    • Plus bonus holiday or seasonal printables
    • Lesson plan & directions in all printables
  • Colorful and Black & White Flip charts (custom art style is not included)
  • 1-sheet overview of all monthly singing time ideas for FAST planning
  • Filled in week-by-week singing time plan for the month
  • Song suggestions from the Come Follow Me manual for easy reference
  • 25% off coupon for any additional purchases in my digital shop
INSTANT Primary Singing Membership Easy ideas for Music Leaders annually pricing plan instant

Additional Bonuses for Yearly Subscribers:

  • Save $22 (2 months free!)
  • Get access to everything included in monthly!
  • Get early and extended access to monthly printables. (As soon as it’s ready!)
  • Easy to expense as one annual payment
  • Share your subscription with a co-leader
  • FREE copy of our Primary Singing Time Binder Planner ($11.55 value)
  • 30% off coupon for any additional purchases in my digital shop

Do you have questions, concerns, thoughts, or feedback?

The best way to let me know is send me an email! I would be happy to talk with you more about your frustrations, ideas, I wouldn’t even mind a thanks if that’s what’s on your mind. Let’s connect!

Email me at:
[email protected]

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