Knockout Our Primary Program Boxing Review

If you’re looking for a fresh and fun idea to review all of your Primary Program songs you’ll love this post! It will be a fun way to add a little competition and engage those backrow boys with a theme they’ll enjoy. This Knockout Our Primary Program is a boxing themed Primary Program review game!

The songs will compete head to head and the champion gets to head of to enjoy retirement while the other competitor song spends a little more time getting it just right and strengthening it’s muscles before the next battle.

Knockout Our Primary Program Review Game for Singing Time

Knockout Our Primary Program Boxing Review

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post following the lesson plan directions included within this post.*

How to Play:

Print out the song titles you will be teaching this year.

Have two helpers come up to the front of the room. Each will randomly pick a song competitor. Let the kids know that you’re trying to KNOCKOUT all of your songs.

Knockout Our Primary Program Review Game for Singing Time

They will be able to knockout a song by singing it beautifully with strong clear voices and if it seems like they know the words well. The best song competitor gets to retire!

Start round one by singing each of the songs back-to-back. Have the teachers and leaders (or just you) decide which song was sung the very BEST!

If there was one song that was sung really beautiful and well, that song gets to retire! The goal is to retire all the songs so you can move onto fun new songs instead.

If both songs blew you out of the water, you can call it a DOUBLE K.O. and retire both songs!

If there is some room for improvement, call the round a TIE and have them compete again a little later after some more practice.

Knockout Our Primary Program Review Game for Singing Time

Plan for this activity to take you 2-3 weeks. You might sing, for example, 8 songs the first round. Then your list will be down to 4 songs. Finally, you’ll have 2 remaining songs to practice.

You might get through your list of Program songs the first week and then plan a week or 2 to “strengthen” the songs that needed some work. Then, move to another week to knockout all the remaining songs!

Knockout Our Primary Program Review Game for Singing Time

Alternate Activities:

  • Write in head-to-head competitors ahead of time on the posters and then work through each match. Then, continue working your way through all of the songs until the kids have mastered each one!
  • Play best 2 out of 3 to add in even more repetition. You can make a note on the poster which song the kids sang the best, then come back to it later after some other songs to keep it fresh and interesting. Keep in mind this will add a lot more necessary time so plan accordingly and base it on the # of songs you’ll need to review!
  • Instead of randomly drawing one of the song titles, let your helpers pick their favorite song from the remaining options.
  • Start with a 4-corner boxing challenge! Pick 4 songs to compete with one in each corner. The winner of this round advances to the final sing-off!
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Knockout Our Primary Program
Boxing Themed Program Review Game

These printable song helps include a 1-page guide with ideas of how to use this activity to review all your songs before the Primary Program! Then, you’ll find cute printable graphics to help the activity come to life!

Choose from the 1-page competitor posters or the larger boxing gloves. I’ve also included all of the Old Testament Primary Songs from this Come Follow Me list here. You can use our printable song cards, or just write your song titles up on the board!

Knockout Our Primary Program Review Game for Singing Time

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If you’re working on reviewing all of your song, you might also love this Build a Pencil Song Scramble Program Review Idea! It’s perfect to use right before Back to School to warm up before this knockout activity!

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What other fun ways would you extend this Knockout Our Primary Program Review?

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6 thoughts on “Knockout Our Primary Program Boxing Review”

  1. I don’t think I could do my calling without your blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    By far, my go to place!

  2. Can you tell me how you used the colored boxing gloves. I was thinking for the two songs in competition at the time, putting a glove by each of those two songs. But I’m wondering why so many gloves? Would it be possible for you to show how you displayed this on the board, if you did?

    • Multiple gloves are either for variety (pick your favorite) or to match several different songs like using a bracket. So, you could print out the 3 different sets and have 6 songs lined to to battle (or more sets, if desired). So maybe I Know My Father Lives vs I Am a Child of God is the first song battle and you have 2 others ready and lined up to do next. If you eliminate one from one of the songs you’ll match the remaining competitor (song) for the next battle. So, rather than singing the same song 5x in a row you can give the kids more variety by switching to 2 different songs. But it’s totally flexible, so use it however works best for you!


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