Nephi’s Courage Song Remix

Introduce Nephi’s Courage in singing time this month with this Nephi’s Courage Song Remix spiritual connection primary idea! As you begin teaching this primary song about Nephi, share a music video or musical arrangement of this song.

In this post, you’ll find some of my favorite songs based on this primary song, as well as some ideas for musical arrangements to share in primary!

Nephi's Courage Song Remix - use this spiritual connection singing time idea and share a music video in primary to teach the message of this song with additional ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Nephi’s Courage Song Remix

If you are teaching Nephi’s Courage in singing time this year, you’ll love this song remix activity! Did you know that there have been several songs written in the past several years based on the message found in 1 Nephi 3:7?

For this activity, share a music video or musical arrangement to introduce the message of this song. I’ve included several great options below!

Then, begin teaching Nephi’s Courage (flip chart here). When I teach a new song in primary, I often like to work through the song line by line. Call and response usually works great with both Senior and Junior primary kiddos!

As you start learning the song, ask the kids what they notice about Nephi’s character. What did he do when the Lord asked him to do hard things? How did he respond? What can we do when we face something challenging?

You might encourage the children to compare Nephi to the people in the music videos. What do they have in common? Discuss how we can be like Nephi and follow Heavenly Father’s commandments.

Then, repeat the chorus. This time, have the kids listen for Nephi’s famous phrase, “I will Go! I will Do! ” Repeat it together and share your testimony at the end of singing time.

Nephi's Courage Song Remix - use this spiritual connection singing time idea and share a music video in primary to teach the message of this song with additional ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Nephi’s Courage Videos:

I really enjoyed discovering these videos with songs whose messages teach the importance of moving forward and following the commandments of God. I’ve included below 3 music videos for songs that pair really well with Nephi’s Courage!

I’ve also included a list of a few musical arrangements that your primary children might enjoy listening to! I hope you can find a video or arrangement that you feel will bring the Spirit into your primary room as you teach this song in singing time.

Nephi’s Courage: I Can Do All Things Missionary Video

This cool I Can Do All Things video was made by missionaries in the Gilbert, Phoenix Mission! This video is a great option to share with your primary kids. It’s about 5 minutes long, and shares an inspiring message that fits so well with this primary song!

I Will Go and Do: 2020 Youth Theme

I love the 2020 Youth Theme song so much! Its powerful message to “Go and Do” is a wonderful take on the famous scripture in 1 Nephi. This video pairs great with Nephi’s Courage and can be a modern reminder of the same message taught in this primary song.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ: 2023 Youth Theme

The 2023 Youth Theme song is another great choice for this lesson plan! This video goes well with the second part of 1 Nephi 3:7 that reads, “For I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way…”

I love the testimony in this song that we truly can do all things through Christ! Just like Nephi, we can do hard things.

Nephi's Courage Song Remix Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq Follow the Prophet Story Sing Videos

This Follow the Prophet Story Behind the Song has some amazing videos that your primary children are sure to love!

Nephi’s Courage Song Arrangements:

If you’d rather share a song arrangement, here are a few ideas you might consider. If you have musicians in your ward who would be willing to share their talents in singing time, you might ask them if they could share a musical arrangement during singing time.

Invite the children to listen quietly while they listen to the performance. Invite them to notice how they feel during the song. That’s the feeling of the Holy Ghost!

  1. Free Sacred Sheet Music: “Nephi’s Courage” Piano & Cello Duet: This cool arrangement by Luke Hall is written for a piano and cello. This arrangement is free on
  2. Free Sacred Sheet Music: Nephi’s Courage to Do Piano Solo: Another free arrangement is this Nephi’s Courage to Do piano solo by Tasha Palmar.
  3. I Will Go and Do Vocal Solo/Duet: Invite an individual or small group to sing this pretty I Will Go and Do arrangement.

Extension Activities:

  • Accompany your music video with some quotes from General Conference talks. This talk by Elder Karry S. Kacher in April 2022 discusses the difference in choices made by Nephi and his brothers.
  • Try a fun Sing-Along video! While you have the technology out, practice your song with this Nephi’s Courage sing along video!
  • As you listen to these songs, make two lists on the board. Create one list for “Actions” and one for “Blessings.” Write down the actions we need to take and the blessings promised found in the lyrics. Invite the children to choose one action to work on during the week!

You won’t want to miss this fun Nephi’s Courage Build an Origami Boat activity! Teach the children about following the Lord’s commands while you work together to build a paper boat!

Build an Origami Boat as you teach Nephi's Courage in Singing Time! A great object lesson with lots of singing repetition build in as you learn to do hard things together! Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders and families. Step by step directions on how to make an origami boat quick and easy tutorial.

What other fun ways will you use this song remix singing time activity in your Primary room?

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