New Testament July Primary Songs

Summer is here and with it all the busy plans and vacations! But no worries, I’ve got you covered with tons of fun lesson plans you can easily incorporate into your Singing Time or pass off to a substitute. You’re also going to LOVE this month’s seasonal activities! They’re cute, fun, and perfectly themed!

If you’re looking for help teaching all of your July New Treatment Primary Songs, this packet will have you covered with tons of great teaching ideas.

July New Testament Primary Singing time ideas and fun activities to teach all of the recommended songs of the month, plus holiday ideas!

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Each month your INSTANT Primary Singing membership includes more than 25 singing time ideas with coordinating printables with ideas for all 3 of the suggested monthly songs plus holiday or seasonal ideas!

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This Month’s INSTANT Primary Singing
New Testament July

July focus includes:

July New Testament Primary Singing time ideas and fun activities to teach all of the recommended songs of the month, plus holiday ideas!

Master List of this month’s printables:

  • July Song Reference
  • Monthly Singing Time Ideas Overview Reference Sheet for easy planning
  • Monthly pre-filled in and Editable Planning sheet
  • (8) Stand for the Right Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • (8) I’ll Walk with You Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • (8) I Know My Father Lives Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • (1 of each) Patriotic & Pioneer Singing Time idea

Exclusive Printables:

  • Stand for the Right:
    • Sand Blocks – 6 Full page pattern cards
    • Pat Instead – Larger print sizes and Black and white
    • First Letters Map – 1-page letter maze, 1-page first letters, 1/4 page letters and color options
    • Mirror Your Partner – 1/4 page and Full page mirror actions
  • I’ll Walk with You:
    • Numbers & Actions – 5 additional actions and symbol guide!
    • Word Blanks – Letter Cards and Larger Format
    • Mixed Instruments – Lyrics chart and 1/2 sheet action cards
    • Ribbon Wands – Full page Ribbon Wand Cards
    • Rhythm Partners – Larger Pattern Printables
    • Nature Trail – Larger trail items, Full page cards, B&W, I Spy Checklist
  • I Know My Father Lives:
    • Cup Pattern – 5 Full page pattern cards
    • Color Code – 2nd verse and larger format
    • Word Puzzles – Larger format and printer friendly
    • Color Puzzles – 2nd graphic and Letter Code (printer friendly)
    • Echo Singing – Larger 1/2 page echo singing cards
    • Signs of Life – 3 full page Signs of Life graphics
    • Letter Actions – 2nd verse and larger format
  • Patriotic & Pioneer Ideas:
    • Wave a Flag – 1/3 page and Full page action cards
    • Fill a Wagon – Medium and Large supplies, Full page cards, additional supplies

That’s 26 singing time ideas, 12 flip chart options, and almost 500 pages of awesome content you’re going to love!!

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Next month’s packet will help you review all of your program songs before the presentation so hang on for more fun activities for the monthly songs and more teaching ideas to come!

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