Old Testament Primary Program Bulletin Cover & Invites

It may be January, but I already have the 2022 Old Testament Primary Program on my mind! To help me get organized for the year ahead, I like to do as much as I can ahead of time to I’m not scrambling at the end of the year.

Thus, I’ve already created this cute set themed for the Old Testament Primary Program Bulletin Cover, invites, and more ready to customize!

If you’ve poked around my website at all, you’ll know I may be the queen of planning ahead, like how I plan for an entire year or singing time activities upfront! See that post for help for my process that only takes a few hours.

Fall always gets REALLY busy for my family. It’s the transition to a new school year and schedules, plus ALL of my boys have fall birthdays. And of course, it’s the start of the holiday season. So, I created these fun printables now (yes in January!) so they’re ready and waiting whenever you might need them to help with Planning a Primary Program Presentation!

Grab this free printable and customizable Old Testament Primary Program Bulletin Cover, Invites, poster and more for your Come Follow Me Primary Presentation.

Primary Program Files for
Old Testament Come, Follow Me

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post when signed in!*

We’ve created a variety of different pages to help you with your Primary program presentation and advertising! Plus, a fun bonus comment card page you can include if you’d like!

Old Testament Primary Program Bulletin Cover:

I started with designing the cover. The Old Testament is kind of a hard theme for coming up with a graphic that fits the theme well, but is generic enough to work for a variety of Program themes.

I started with a color-in picture of The 10 Commandment tablets. Definitely fitting! But to make it a little more interesting, I added a clipart of a long flowy feather and some old tribal looking details for fun and interest!

Old Testament Bulletin Board Cover Art Printable

The Old Testament Primary Program bulletin cover has a printable design on the right half of the page and an editable field to add your ward name. You can still print on the other half of the page, simply design the back half of the page in your file editor, and then run the page through the printer twice.

Or, make one copy with a scanner, then print from your new copy as many pages as needed!

Invites for Old Testament Primary Program Presentation:

Next, I adapted the art from the cover to work for a printable invitation! This page includes 4 invites per page, just edit the file by filling in the following details for your ward:

  • Ward Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Ward Building Address
Old Testament Primary Program Invitations - printable and editable invites!

Then, print out as many copies as you need and share them with the Primary kids and ward families to pass along to friends and family! Maybe you can make a goal for everyone to invite 3 friends!

The invites should be spaced so you can just cut right down the center and again down the center the other direction four roughly even spacing across all 4 invites.

Old Testament Primary Program Poster:

Just for fun, I’ve also included a colorful printable poster! Simply fill in the same details as the invite and print! Then, you can display the poster on your foyer doors, Primary doors, and the ward bulletin board!

2022 Old Testament Primary Program printable poster!

You may also be able to print the page in slightly larger formats, though the graphics may not be as crisp as larger sizes.

Primary Program Comment Card:

Finally, for one additional optional bonus, I’ve included a printable comment card! I’ve used a comment card after one of my Primary Programs, and it was really fun to share the feedback with the Primary kiddos during the Singing Time after the program!

They loved hearing family and friends gush over their hard work and share funny moments they noticed during the program!

Old Testament Primary Program Comment Card Printable

The printable includes 6 comment cards per page with a brief instructions to fill in the card with a comment or their favorite moment, and then to hand the card off to a Primary child to deliver to the Primary room.

Old Testament Primary Program Bulletin Printable Editable Files!

This packet includes 6 pages of editable PDF files, including:

  • Old Testament Primary Program Bulletin Cover – Editable ward name (or leave blank). Color and Black & White printing options.
  • Invitations to Attend the Primary Program – Edits for ward name, date, time, and address fields. 4 invites per page. Color and Black & White printing options.
  • Primary Program Poster – An 8.5″ x 11″ single page poster. Great to tape to the foyer doors and Primary room entrance to remind and invite families to attend! Editable fields for ward name, date, time, and address.
  • Comment Card – As a fun bonus, I’ve also created a comment card! You can cut these slips out and leave them by the bulletins, add one inside each bulletin, or leave a comment box by the chapel doors. Includes 6 comment cards per page.

You can grab your free copy below! Just subscribe to our newsletter and use the code in your inbox to access all our download files!

Old Testament Primary Program Presentation Helpful Art - Includes an editable PDF with bulletin cover, invites, poster, and comment card!

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Head over to grab our New Testament Primary Program Printable set next and you’ll be ready for next year!!

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Do you have any other favorite files you usually use for your Primary Program? Let me know if there’s something I’ve missed you’d love added to this packet!

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  1. I’m having trouble adding any information such as ward name or address or date. The letters stack on top of each other. Any suggestions?

    • Are you using Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader? It was tested using that so if you’re using a different software that might be the issue. You might also try a single page test print to see if it just looks overlapping, but is actually inputting correctly.


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