Pin the Primary Song – Mix of Songs Review Game

Looking for a fun way to review all your upcoming LDS Primary songs in Singing Time? Or, maybe you want to have a mixed bag of songs to review? You can also use this fun idea for subs as the perfect NO PREP idea to keep on hand whenever you need it!

This Pin the Primary Song review game is designed to be fun and interactive and leave you with a wonderful variety of songs to sing with your Primary!

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Pin the Primary Song
Review Game

Let’s jump right in, and I’ll show you how to make your own Primary Song Poster with a fun mix of songs or you can grab our Printable Pin the Primary Song Posters in our shop!


How to Make a Pin the Primary Song Poster:

Start by preparing a list of songs. You’ll definitely want to include any Primary songs you’re currently learning, or looking to teach the upcoming year. It’s also a great opportunity to sing again songs they’ve learned in the past year or 2!

You can look at the 4-Year Song Rotation lists to help you come up with what songs to include in your post.

I’d just print off the lists and highlight the songs you want to make sure you include! Then cross off the songs from the alphabetical list as you go along to easily keep track!

I prefer to start in a corner and work my way out from there. Vary fonts, sizes, even orientation to keep it interesting! And of course, use a lot of different fun colors!

You can help fill in extra space with accents to the song titles such as lines, dots, outlines, symbols, etc, in a matching color to help connect the words and clarify which song they’ve picked.

Make sure to also include song numbers to make it so much easier for your pianist! Now, just continue adding songs and alternating colors and fun fonts until your poster is full!

You can also include some fun alternate ideas:

  • Flip though the songbook
  • Your Most Favorite Song
  • Wiggle Song
  • Any Hymn
  • Pianist Choice
  • Repeat the last song FAST!
  • Take a vote (Music leader or child names 2 song and the rest of the Primary votes!)
  • Pick a Song from the poster
  • Kid’s Choice
  • Kids vs Teachers compete
  • Your teacher chooses
  • Your 2nd Favorite

How to Play Pin the
Primary Song Review Game

1. Post the Pin the Primary Song game on white board – taping the corners in place. I recommend using packing tape to keep it securely in place! But, you can also using scotch tape or even just put 4 magnets in the corners.

When I originally used this mix of Primary songs poster, I just put it down on the ground and used a small object like a chunky puzzle piece or a small bean bag toy to toss, flip, spin, etc and select a song!

It worked well, but I like it up on the board, when possible, to help all the kids have a nice clear view of the songs and it helps keep track of songs you’ve already picked!

2. Have a volunteer child come up front and close their eyes (or use a sleep mask or their face mask over their eyes). Spin them twice, then point them towards the board.

3. The child will do their best to try to place the magnet somewhere on the poster without peeking!

4. Check what song is directly underneath the magnet. Then, sing through the song once together as a Primary!

That’s it – easy, fun, minimal prep needed, and it’s a perfect go-to to have in the Primary closet as a backup for weeks when you were too busy to plan a lesson or for a substitute!

Alternate Ideas & Extension Activities:

  • Try the poster on the floor instead! You can arrange the children in a circle and put the poster right in the middle on the floor.
    Then, grab a prop such as a chunky toddler puzzle piece or a small bean bag and have them toss, spin, flip, etc the item onto the poster to select a song! This is a great way to reuse the poster in a fun new way!
  • Skip Singing: Sing all of the words EXCEPT the ones in the song title. Or, sing ONLY the words from the song title.
  • Hand Actions: Have the volunteer pick one action to do throughout the song on the beat or whenever a specific keyword is sung.

Printable Mix of Song Posters!

Hopefully, with the steps above you’ll be able to make your own custom mix Pin the Primary Song posters for Singing Time! For those who have a time crunch or just want something ready made, you can shop for our printable files in our shop!

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The files include a printable lesson plan to easily refer back to while you’re in singing time. Plus, the Song Posters in 3 easy to print sizes.

You can print in 8.5×11 and just post all four on the white board, or send the 11×14 or 16×20 print images to your preferred photo printer and have a large poster print created for you!

There’s also a bonus Primary Christmas Songs poster included in the set!

These posters would make beautiful art for your Primary room when you’ve finishing your singing time lesson, too! Just frame it and add it to the Primary room and the kids will love seeing this fun lesson up on display and pointing out their favorite songs.

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  1. So love this. Thanks for sharing such a great idea. I have wanted a list of “go to songs” when we have extra time or to help us remember songs we don’t sing as much or have learned earlier.


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