Review Game: Silent Singer

Looking for an easy way to get your Primary kids to sing? Look no further than this really fun, no prep, review the song game! I’ve used it with my group, and it was so well received!

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**Note, we didn’t use instruments. I just thought this was a good picture overall for the post!** 

Review Game: Silent Singer

This game works best, in my opinion, to pick a single song you want to work on to repeat over and over and review the song. I tend to plan 2 (sometimes 3) activities each week with different songs to keep up variety, so we just focused on We’ll Bring the World His Truth for 10 minutes and made our way through the single verse we were reviewing about 5 times.

If you’re planning to use your whole singing time with this activity, you may want to focus on either 2 different songs for a little bit of variety or do one verse, than transition to the next verse, then maybe the last 1-2 rounds do the whole song.

The length of singing through a single verse is usually just about right for the seeker to have the opportunity to make their way around the room.

How to Play Silent Singer

Ask 1 or 2 children to be the seeker. They will go out in the hallway for just a moment while you quickly pick 2-4 children to be a “silent” singer.

I like to pick one volunteer from each side of the Primary room for a little more opportunities for the children to participate and 4 silent singers – 2 from each side of the room. This also lets the two seekers help each other, because sometime they might feel completely unsure and not want to guess anyone. We had that happen once, but our other seeker was quick to make guesses for both sides of the room to help!

The silent singers job is to try their very best to lipsync and make it look and seem like they are actually singing – but not make any noise!

The seekers will then make their way around the room while the Primary sings through the verse. Everyone will be expected to sing except the silent singers. This helps get those reluctant boys to actually sing for you.

I challenged my most reluctant boys (the 10 year olds) to make sure they were singing so I could call on them to be a seeker! It worked like a charm!!

After the Primary has sang through the verse together, you’ll let the seekers make a guess at who the silent singers were. It’s fun, easy, and great for singing a single song over and over again. Best of all, it works with any song! This is a perfect activity to have in your back pocket for those weeks you need a sub!

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