We’ll Bring the World His Truth – Simple Cup Actions

I paired this fun simple cups action with the stacking cups activity, but it can be used during it’s own week with another activity to reinforce what you’ve worked on during previous weeks. It’s fun, easy, low/no prep, and ties into teaching the lyrics!

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We'll Bring the World His Truth - Simple cup actions activity and lesson plan idea for Primary Singing Time. A low prep idea for LDS Primary Choristers using cheap plastic cups! #lds #primary #singingtime #primarysinging #priamrychorister #imamormon

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We’ll Bring the World His Truth
Simple Cup Actions

What You’ll Need: 

You’ll want one cup per child in your Primary, plus one for you for demonstrating and leading the group! I recommend you pick up at least a 50-ct pack of plastic cups on Amazon or pick out one of the larger packs which is even cheaper per cup. This AmazonBasic pack gives you 240 for about $16, plus they’re this pretty blue color!

Plastic cups are a really inexpensive singing time prop, and the kids think they are so much fun!! We’ll use them a few times each year for different activities and lesson ideas. In fact, I ended up using them three times for this song!!

Simple Cup Actions Activity

Junior Primary: 

For Junior Primary, I had prepared simple actions for the verse and taught them my prepared actions. We were working on the 2nd verse, so we did:

  • We have been saved for these latter days
    Put hand inside the cup, like your saving something precious inside.
  • to build the kingdom in righteous ways
    Tap the cup on your leg/lap “building” the kingdom
  • We hear the words
    Put the cup up to your ear (creates a little bit of an echo!)
  • our prophet declares
    Put the cup up to your mouth like a megaphone
  • let each who’s worth go forth and share.
    Find a friend in the room to swap cups with. (For less chaos, you can choose a neighbor).

You can extend the actions for the chorus, but we were focusing on learning the 2nd verse lyrics and my group already knows the chorus pretty well.

Senior Primary: 

In my Senior Primary, I like to get them involved. That means, I’ll share a line of the song and ask for their ideas for a simple action we can do for the line.

If they are stuck and need help, I’ll show them what I used for Junior Primary and sometimes we’ll stick with that, other times we’ll slightly modify it based on their suggestions.

It’s really neat hearing the kids suggestions. They usually have such great ideas! For example, my senior primary suggested hugging the cup close to you for “saved” line.

Watch these Simple Cup Actions

Here’s a quick and easy video to demonstrate the actions we used, plus a demonstration of how to quickly clean up the cup tower (and impress the kids!)

If for any reason the video above doesn’t load, head over to see We’ll Bring the World His Truth Simple Cup Actions on YouTube here.

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