Singing Time Bingo Challenge

I’ve been thinking of ways to encourage my own children to turn to Primary songs while we are home for the next little while due to this crazy pandemic! A couple years back I had created a challenge specific to our Primary songs of the year with a easy and fun activity the kids could do each week to help us prepare for the Primary Program.

With that basic idea in mind, I thought I would create and share a Singing Time Bingo Challenge that you can customize for your ward and individual families with a simple activity they can do with their favorite Primary songs.

This challenge can be customized to include your specific Primary songs for the month, quarter, or year, as may be needed. As it is currently setup, the challenges can work with any Primary song! You can simply include your list of songs and let families use this Bingo Challenge however it best suits them!

Challenge Ideas:
Singing Time Bingo

Here’s the 24 Challenges I came up with:

  1. Listen to a Primary Song on YouTube or a Primary CD.
  2. Lead your family in singing a Primary song.
  3. Pick a keyword and see how many times it is sung during a Primary song.
  4. Create a fun movement pattern for your favorite Primary song.
  5. Draw a picture about one of the Primary songs.
  6. Write in your journal how a Primary song makes your feel.
  7. Teach someone the words to one of the Primary songs.
  8. Do jumping jacks while you sing a Primary song.
  9. Sing a Primary song 3 times in one day!
  10. Write down the lyrics for one of your Primary songs.
  11. Explain what a Primary song is talking about.
  12. Sing two Primary songs back to back, without stopping!
  13. Sing a favorite Primary song with your tongue out!
  14. Sing a Primary Song as an opening hymn.
  15. Practice a Primary song every morning for 3 days straight!
  16. Read the scripture at the bottom of a Primary song.
  17. Spin in a circle while singing a Primary song.
  18. Find 5 objects around your home that remind you of a Primary song.
  19. Pick a keyword in a Primary song and sing, skipping the keyword!
  20. Balance on one foot while you sing a Primary song.
  21. Create a new verse for your favorite Primary song.
  22. Do Yoga to one of your Primary songs.
  23. Plan one thing you can do inspired by a Primary song.
  24. Sing 3 different Primary songs in one day.

Printable Singing Time
Bingo Challenge

I’m sharing this fun Singing Time Bingo Challenge in a couple of formats! You can choose to open the file in either Word or as a PDF. The Word version will be editable, but in some instances the formatting may become skewed or off if you have a different version of the software.

The Word version is fully editable. You can add specific song titles or your own challenges.

The PDF document can’t be edited. However, you can print a blank sheet and then fill in the boxes and share your completely customized Bingo Challenge sheet with your ward!

You will also find both a color and a black and white version to fit unique needs! I would recommend to download the file that best fits your needs. Then, customize the challenge to fit your Primary songs, ward, or individual needs. Then share your final version with your family and ward members.

It’s a great time to use up all those extra dot stickers you may have on hand!!

Download Singing Time Bingo

If you want to share my specific file as is, I just ask that you share the source where the file came from or leave the link directly for families to download the file to preserve copyright.

What other fun Bingo Challenges have you thought of that could be added? Leave these in the comments so others have additional ideas they can use!

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