Singing Time Clock Cover

I have had a cover that went around behind the clock since about a month into being called as a brand new Primary Music Leader. It was so hard to follow a schedule and know when my time was up, and for the rest of the Primary Presidency too.

I saw the idea for a Sharing Time / Singing Time Clock cover as a new chorister and absolutely loved the idea. It was a HUGE help and I came to absolutely depend on it!

Now, with the updated time schedules, I’ve created my new clock cover and I’m thrilled with how it turned out! Even better yet, with only one hour of Primary – there’s no rotating needed! Just fill in the hour based on your own schedule and it’s ready to use!

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Primary / Singing Time Clock Cover to easily see the schedule at a glance! Be on time and organized with this easy DIY idea for Primary Music Leaders and Presidencies!

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Singing Time Clock Cover


  • Poster Board
  • Pencil
  • String/Yarn
  • Coloring supplies (markers/crayons/colored pencils)

How to Make a Primary Clock Cover: 

1. Trace Your Clock:  Bring in a plain white poster board. Take down the clock from your Primary room. Use a pencil to trace around the outside of the clock, leaving 2-3″ around each edge, or as much room as you can, so you have space for your border.

2. Add Tick Marks: Draw small tick marks on your poster board at every 5-minute mark around the clock. You’ll use these later, when filling in your schedule.

3. Find the Center: Next, you’ll need to find the center of the clock circle you just traced. You can use a ruler and draw a straight light across and then down. The center will be right where those two lines cross.

4. Make a Larger Circle: Tie a string around your pencil to make a homemade compass. Hold the other end of the string at the center point (or tie it to another pen).

Hold it steadily at the center while you draw a larger circle with 2-3″ of space for your schedule. You can also eyeball this, if you’re not particular about it being perfect. 😉

5. Cut Out Your Clock Face: You can now cut around the outside of the clock at your new outer circle. You can also cut out the inside. Be mindful that you may want to leave some of the inside section so that the poster board can sit on the screw/nail the clock sits on.

My colored are is much larger than the 2-3″ section for my schedule, as this is my second clock cover I have made! So this time, I filled in the empty blank space.

You may faintly notice the pencil marks where I traced my previous clock cover’s “center” section that was empty. You can always cut more out of the center later, or even leave it full and put the screw right through the poster board!

6. Fill in Your Schedule: Now, considering your Primary’s unique schedule for the hour block, section off the clock cover and then decorate! My schedule looks like this:

  • :00-:10 – Wiggle Songs — If Sacrament Meeting lets out early or the kids rush right to the Primary room, which I fully expect will happen, we have planned to do Wiggle Songs with just the Junior Primary to eat up this extra time and help everyone transition into the Primary room before it’s time to start.
  • :10-:15 – Opening — Junior Primary will officially start with a pray, then Scripture or Article of Faith, then Talk.
  • :15-:35 – Junior Singing Time 

  • :35-55 – Senior Singing Time — We’ll go right into singing time with the Junior Primary exiting from one door and the Senior Primary entering from the other to cut down on the transition time.
  • :55-:60 – Closing — Senior Primary will end the hour with a scripture or Article of Faith, then a Talk, and finally a closing prayer. We’ll do these at the very end, so parents can more easily sneak in to listen.

The best part of all is you can completely customize your own clock cover to fit your schedule and needs! If you’re combined, the second :20 minute block can show it’s class time or whatever your schedule may be.

You can even decorate the back side, if the other wards have a different schedule and need to make their own adjustments to the schedule.

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