Monthly (and Yearly) Song List Printable

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I’ve been asked a few times now, from those who may have seen my song list in previous posts, how I plan my month of songs. These questions were so helpful, they let me know I probably needed to share my monthly song list as a printable!

I shared last year’s version of this printable on my main blog (a parenting blog), but my formatting this year has changed quite a bit with the new changes in Primary! Still — this post on Last Year’s Singing Time Song List — may be helpful, as well.

Also see how I put everything together with my Singing Time Binder! No more lugging around the song book (though that does mean some upfront printing).

Monthly Song List Printables -- Free printable song list and editable document options for LDS Primary Music Leaders / Choristers. Get organized for your singing time lessons!

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Monthly (and Yearly)
Song List Printable

Filling In Your Song List Printable: 

Wiggle Songs:

If you plan do do any wiggle songs with the Junior Primary, or would like to have a couple as a back-up ready to go for those times Sacrament meeting gets out early, the kids can’t sit still, or your lesson runs short, simply fill in the top section with your choice of a couple of wiggle songs.

I took my selections from the month’s suggested song lists from the home and teacher manuals. These are still fun and upbeat songs, but ones I didn’t plan to use for my main singing time blocks.

Monthly (and Yearly) Song List Printable Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders PrimarySinging pictures 08733

Program Songs: 

After selecting the 8-10 Program songs we would learn for the year (my list included Jan-Aug plus Nov and Dec songs from the outlined choices!) I then started to fill in my month.

Rather than teach only one song each month, my preference is to work on 3 songs for the month and continue to rotate the songs all the way through until it’s time for our Primary Program Presentation!

This allows variety, repetition through the year, and the kids don’t forget the songs as easily! In order to accomplish this, I plan to work on 2-3 songs each week with shorter activities.

Once in a while I might do a full singing time on a review game or seasonal game, but those are planned more spur of the moment as a fill in for subs. 🙂

So, for example, we will sing and practice the hymn Come, Follow Me in January, April, and August!

I’ve already picked out our program date as September 15th — I needed 3 weeks to practice and the schools to be back in session and I wanted to avoid both Stake and General conference — which gave me the perfect date.

Once I had that date blocked in, I put in the monthly song on their particular month, then filled in the other songs spaced out appropriately and giving more time for the harder songs.

Lesson Songs: 

One of the unique aspects of the new singing time format is all the flexibility we have! Since the lesson and home manuals have specific songs the recommend and suggest, I wanted to be able to incorporate some of those songs into our singing time blocks to help support home instruction.

I read through the suggested songs and picked two to include for each month. I’ll only use these songs during one singing time, each, but if there are any extra opportunities or if we need to fill in some time, they are also wonderful as a back-up option!

Monthly Song List Printables -- Free printable song list and editable document options for LDS Primary Music Leaders / Choristers. Get organized for your singing time lessons!

Song List Use and Tips!

I like to plan and then print out my entire year of song lists at the beginning of the year. Time slips by SO fast that before you know it will be well into the middle of next year and having them all ready to go helps keep me from feeling scrambled in the middle of the year!

I also print out a copy for the Primary Pianist. This gives her plenty of time to prepare and practice as much as she might need. I don’t envy that calling!

Of course, some small changes might happen through the year, but for the most part your list will probably stay pretty close to how you set it up at the beginning of the year.

I follow my song list in half, hot-dog style, creating a tall and skinny strip of paper. This is a unique format, but this view helps me see my song list on the very far edge of my binder, even with my divider and tabs open! That way, I can very easily see the list to refer to, as needed.

The pianist has the same setup – a tall/skinny fold so it takes up less room on the piano stand! I actually set up a music binder for my pianist, so she has absolutely every thing she needs all in one place, and super easy to find (not flipping around desperately trying to find the page!)

That’s it.. on to the printables! I’ve got two options as a resource to share!

Monthly Song List Printable

The first format I will share, here, is a completely blank version that you can print and write in as you make your plan for the year.

This version will be the easiest to use without messing with any formatting, but may take just a little extra effort in making multiple copies. It keeps the cute fonts and style of my original document.

Click Here —> to Print the Fill-in-the-Blank Monthly Song Printable (PDF)

This second version is for those that may be Word junkies (like me) and want to get in and play around with the document and fonts. I’ve left my list in place so that you can see how I’m currently using it, and either use it as is, or change up your songs where needed. Because of the columns, spacing, numbering, etc — it may give those that aren’t comfortable using Word some trouble.

One quick tip I can give, is if the numbering starts to continue (rather than starting at 1) if you right click on the series that is “off” you can tell Word to restart the counting at 1. This can happen sometimes when messing around with the columns and numbering – so just a fair warning.

This document may be helpful for those who want to see what songs I’ve picked for the year and how I arrange my months simply as a resource, as well.

Click Here —> 2019 Come, Follow Me Printable Song List (Editable, Word Doc)

Are these printables helpful? What other resources would you like me to share? 

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    • I ditched some of my tabs — now I just have a section for “Docs” (all my printables and files such as the weekly lessons PDF’s others have shared). Then one for “wiggle songs” (for Junior primary), the next section is all the program songs each with their own sticker tab, and then a final tab with all the “other” songs from the lessons that I’m planning to incorporate. I always just store my weekly activities for the song right behind the song’s tab so they’re easy to find.

  1. Oh Thank you for your lesson outline. I loved using 4 corners today. Kids really need to move! I know the preparation you helped me attain added to the spirit of efficiency and love that happened today. I don’t know how I can show you t he gratitude I feel for your sharing and talents!


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