Stand for the Right – Pat Instead

The kids will love singing along with this fun way to teach Stand for the Right Pat Instead game! It’s a perfect no prep activity that kids the kids moving and creating meaningful experiences with the song!

Purposeful Movement activities in Singing Time are always a big hit with my Primary! They love the chance to get out some of their wiggles and are always up for the challenge!

This fun lesson plan was inspired by my I Will Be Valiant Clap Instead activity! 🙂

Teach Stand for the Right Singing Time Idea - Pat Instead!

How to Teach Stand for the Right Pat Instead

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How to Play Pat Instead:

Start by Singing through Stand for the Right before you introduce this activity.

Then share the posters included here. Ask the kids what the swiggles represent? (Words, an action, etc)

How to Teach Stand for the Right Singing Time Idea - Pat Instead!

Tell the kids we’re going to do a double pat on our laps for each of the missing words!

Sing and pat through the song.

See if the children can help you fill in the blanks! What’s one word you noticed is missing? Where does it go? You can write in the word, leave it blank and challenge the kids to say it in their mind, or come up with a unique hand action for that newly discovered word! Keep patting for the rest of the swiggly lines but do your special action any time you get to your discovered word.

Finally, switch and sing and pat only the missing words!

Stand for the Right Pat Instead Singing Time Idea and printable lesson plan

Extension Ideas:

  • Have the kids compete! Divide the room into 2 groups. One group sings the current words and pats on the missing words and the other group singing the missing words and pats pats (or snaps, stomps, etc) for all the written words.  
  • Have the kids try to pat and sing at the same time by the end of the song. Tell them you’ve nudged the words right back into place! Can you sing them while you pat your lap?
  • Have the kids come up with an alternative action for the swiggly lines! The matching colors can reuse the same action. Some ideas include: high-5 a partner, stomp, spin, snap, clap, etc.
Fun way for teaching Stand for the Right Pat Instead LDS Primary Singing Time Activity

Teach Stand for the Right
Pat Instead Singing Time Plan

LDS Stand for the Right Singing Time Idea for Primary Music Leaders - Pat Instead Game and printable lesson plan

This printable Singing Time lesson plan to teach Stand for the Right Pat Instead includes an overview on how to play, plus extension activities. It also includes a colorful 2-page printable guide to use for this pat instead activity!

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What other fun extension ideas could you add in to Teach Stand for the Right in this Pat Instead lesson plan?

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