Stand for the Right – Sand Blocks

Are you ready for some upbeat fun with one of the Primary songs? Today we’re sharing some instruments perfect to tie into your summer singing time plans – pool noodle sand blocks!

Teach or review Stand for the Right with this lively and upbeat sand blocks singing time lesson plan.

Stand for the Right Sand Blocks

Stand for the Right
Sand Blocks Activity


– Cut a pool noodle into circle rounds approximately 3” long. I didn’t measure, I just eyeballed each cut. Use a perforated bread knife to easily cut through the pool noodle!

– Then, cut each 3” round in half the other direction, so you have two half-circle pieces.

– Make one set of sand blocks for each of your Primary kids!

Stand for the Right - Sand Blocks

How to Play:

– Swish the sand blocks by sliding them up and down in opposite directions sliding across each other. Repeat this action three times.

– Tap the sand blocks together for three beats.

– Continue to repeat this pattern alternating swish and taps through the song.

– Start the swishes off measure beginning at the very beginning of the song, on “Our proph-”

Stand for the Right – Sand Block Rhythm:

  • Swish – Our proph-
  • Tap – et has
  • Swish – some words
  • Tap – for you
  • Swish – and these
  • Tap – are the words
  • Swish – be true
  • Tap – be true
  • Swish – at work
  • Tap – or at play
  • Swish – in darkness
  • Tap – or light
  • Swish – be true
  • Tap – be true
  • Swish – and stand for
  • Tap – the right.

Extension/Alternate Ideas:

– Let the kids help you come up with a new sequence or pattern to try! Stick with holding each pattern for 3 or 6 beats to make it easier to follow.

You could try taps on the lap, clapping across to a neighbor, swish and then spin in a circle, etc!

– Form a team of two. Do the swish notes individually then the tap notes across to your partner. Now find new partners and make a group of 3!

Can you manage a group of 4? Keep growing the circle until the whole Primary is doing the taps together in a big circle!

Sand Blocks Rhythm Pattern
Stand for the Right

If you can’t get the video above to load, you can also view it over here on my Singing Time Playlist on YouTube!

Stand for the Right
Sand Blocks Lesson Plan

You can easily save this lesson idea by pinning this post or printing out this lesson plan to save in your filing system! This printable is just a 1-page overview of the Sand Blocks lesson plan, how to make the sand blocks, and the rhythm pattern.

Click here —> to Print Stand for the Right – Sand Blocks Lesson Plan

What other fun actions could you do using these sand blocks?

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