The Lord Gave Me a Temple Yoga Poses

Are you looking for a fun way to teach The Lord Gave Me a Temple that incorporates the message of the song of taking care of our bodies? You will love the fun and purposeful movement in this The Lord Gave Me a Temple Yoga Poses singing time activity!

The Lord Gave Me a Temple yoga poses singing time activity! This is a great way to add in movement while connecting with the message of the importance of taking care of our bodies. Includes printable song poster for LDS Primary music leaders.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple Yoga Poses

How to Play:

Sing through The Lord Gave Me a Temple (flip chart here) once, before introducing this activity.

Ask or remind the children what temple the song is referring to? (Our bodies!)

We’re going to try moving our bodies with purpose while we sing this song! Can you follow along with these yoga poses? Quickly demonstrate what each pose looks like.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple yoga poses poster

Now, sing through the song and transition to each of the 4 poses with each new line. You’ll want to hold one position long enough, or you will just have the kids falling over and being silly!

Praise how well they did, and challenge them to try it again now that they’ve tried the poses once. Don’t forget to sing along with me to – that takes a lot of focus, but I know you can do it!

See if they can remember all the poses! Invite a few children or one class to come up front and lead the switching of the poses as you sing through the song again.

Continue to repeat singing and using the yoga poses until everyone is ready to move on to a different song or activity.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple yoga pose cards and large poster

Yoga Poses:

Triangle: Standing upright, bend at the middle bringing one arm down to the floor or the shin. The other arm points up to the sky.

Salute: Stand tall with your feet together. Bring your arms straight up touching your ears pointing to the sky with your palms facing upward.

Warrior II: Face your hips sideways and bend one knee leaning your weight forward. Hold both arms out wide in front and behind you.

Bound Ankle: Sit on the floor and bend your knees. Bring the bottoms of both feet together while sitting upright. Bring your arms just behind your hips.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple yoga pose cards and large poster

Extension Activities:

  • Try holding just ONE pose for the entire song to slowly introduce each of the poses. This will work best if you have a very young Primary that might prefer to hold the pose to lots of transitions.
  • Have the children mix up the yoga poses and try it again in a new order!
  • Let a child pick 2 of the pose cards. Let them flip back and forth between the two whenever they would like, holding up their card of choice to indicate when to switch!
  • Let the kids come up with their own sequence of other poses to mix and match and try!
  • Try a speed yoga version! Can you make it through all 4 poses each time you sing a line of the song?
  • Split the room into 2 groups. Have each side be responsible for singing one line, then holding the yoga pose for the next line, and alternating again through the song!
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To add in a mix with even more yoga poses, head over to see our Yoga Pose Positions Cards! You can mix and match the poses and use them to teach a variety of songs!

The Lord Gave Me a Temple Yoga Poses Printable Poster

This free in-post printable includes a 1-page poster to help you easily recreate this movement activity in your Primary room! Just print it out and display it to remind you of each of the 4 poses to follow along with.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple yoga poses poster
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What other fun ways could you mix up this activity to use these fun yoga poses while teaching The Lord Gave Me a Temple in your Primary room?

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