I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Music Video

For I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus this week, we’ll be doing a music video! I love showing meaningful video clips in Primary and the kids are always so excited when they see the TV! Sometimes, I’ll even just play the video clip on my laptop, depending on long the clip is.

But either way, adding a video clip can be a really positive experience for everyone in the room. The visual message can really create a powerful conversation piece that will stick with the kids for a long time.

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I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus
Music Video

My plan is to sing through I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus before the video. I’ll then play one of the videos below. I’m leaning towards the first one, but I really love all of these and any would be a wonderful fit!

Here’s a look at some of the awesome video content available that would be really awesome to play for your Primary children.

#1 – Emily Brown (Mormon Channel) – Acoustic version and a beautiful rendition that makes it feel like her efforts of trying to be like the Savior can be part of our everyday life.

I’m planning to use this music video! I absolutely adore her version and voice. Plus, I love how it shows her setting a Christ-like example in her everyday life. This one is 3:18 and is on the Mormon Channel YouTube page!

#2 Primary Video with Still Slides – A simple and no fuss approach, but it’s right to the point with meaningful pictures from the Savior’s life that we can try to emulate!

This Primary Video has still images for I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus. This one has great images and is only 2:22.

#3 Light the World Video Silent Movie – To tie in all the ways we can serve and model our lives like the Savior, you can use this awesome Light the World video!!

I recommend starting at :41 to time it with the length of the song, but you can pick your starting point. Just mute the video and sing it with your pianist!

#4 Mormon Guitar Music Only – I love playing clips without the words. It gives the children a chance to “silent sing” along with the music and can really make an impact with feeling the Spirit while they listen.

I absolutely love this version, it’s a guitar only rendition of I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus. If you’re wanting a clip that will let the music touch their hearts, this is the perfect pick at 3:07.

#5 Cover by Sarah Jane with Guitar – This is a really pretty version that is slow and soulful. It’s a nice one if you need a slow down track without other distractions after a high energy activity.

After the video clip, I’m sure I’ll add just a little commentary to tie in the video and the message of the song with how it relates to their own lives. For example, sharing that the video showed really beautiful examples of people trying their very best to live like Jesus Christ and the example he set.

I also like to ask a child or two for any comments they might want to share about their feelings or thoughts on the video.

Then, we’ll all sing together I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus again.

You can also tie in any connections to the Come, Follow Me lesson for the week, as applicable.

For another fun way to teach I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus with this Color Code activity.

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Color Code singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders

Which of these 4 video clips (or other videos) will you pick?

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