I Will Walk With Jesus Unscramble the Words

Word games are so much fun in singing time! They are such a great way to review any primary song!

Your primary will love this fun I Will Walk With Jesus Unscramble the Words word game and YOU will love how easy it is to prep!

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I Will Walk with Jesus Unscramble the Words singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders

When I plan my singing time, I typically try to think of an activity that is engaging for both Junior and Senior primary children. Sometimes this can be challenging! With different interests and attention spans, it can be tricky to teach both groups the same way!

However, I think this activity fits the bill perfectly. Though it may be better for older kids, younger children can enjoy this activity just the same!

I Will Walk With Jesus Unscramble the Words

The idea behind this activity for teaching I Will Walk with Jesus is pretty simple. For this activity, mix up short phrases of the song and have primary children unscramble them during singing time!

To prep for this activity, I started by looking at the song and choosing long phrases of the song. Then, I split these phrases into smaller sentence fragments. I typed and printed these sentence strips and cut them out for primary. I’ve included a simple printable that includes each of these scrambled sentences.

Once you have your word strips ready to go, use magnets or tape the phrases to the board in scrambled order. While you sing the song, invite children to come up and place the phrases in the correct order.

I Will Walk with Jesus Unscramble the Words singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders

Since this song has a lot of words it may be intimidating to rearrange all these words at once. To make this activity a bit more manageable, I would recommend doing one verse or chorus at a time.

Bring out the word strips for the verse only, and then bring out the word strips for the chorus after you’ve arranged the first verse.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Start by writing or typing short phrases of I Will Walk With Jesus Lyrics here. Use these phrases to create word strips.
  2. Cut out your word strips and use magnets or tape to put them on the board.
  3. At the beginning of primary, review the words to the first verse by singing together as a class.
  4. Explain that the words to the song have been mixed up. As you sing, each class will have a turn to send a child up to place one strip back in order.
  5. Begin singing and invite a child to come up and find the first word strip.
  6. Continue singing and rearranging sentences until all the words are in the correct order!

There are so many fun ways to adapt this activity, so make sure to check out the “Extension Ideas” section later in this post! There are some extension ideas to add competition or group teamwork to the activity.

I Will Walk with Jesus Unscramble the Words singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders

Adaptation for Junior Primary

A full word game with Junior primary can be challenging because most children in this group do not read. It might also be challenging to keep the activity engaging without a visual aspect.

To adapt this activity for Junior primary, I’ve created a printable that includes a combination of words and pictures. Almost every other word is a picture that represents a phrase of the song.

For this activity, place the pictures and word strips on the board and use both to put together the words to the song. You may have to show them a few examples first to help them get started.

I Will Walk with Jesus Unscramble the Words singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders

Extension Ideas:

  • Give each class their own set of word strips in an envelope. While you sing, invite each class to unscramble the words as a team.
  • Unscramble the Words Race! Create two sets of the word strips and split the board in half. Divide the room into two groups. As you sing, see which group can unscramble their set of words first!
  • Divide up the set of word strips evenly between each class. Each class will be responsible for singing ONLY the word strips they have. Work together as a class to put all the word strips in the right order.
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I Will Walk With Jesus Unscramble the Words Printable Lesson Plan & Word Strips

To help you prep for this activity, I’ve created this 4-page printable lesson plan and word strips. The first page of this printable includes instructions for the activity, as well as extension ideas.

The second page of this lesson plan include word strips for the first verse of the song. If you want to use this activity to review the second and third verse, simply write or type out the word strips.

I Will Walk with Jesus Unscramble the Words singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders

The last two pages of the printable include a version of this activity for Junior primary. Nearly other phrase is marked by a picture to help aid in understanding. Simply print out the words and pictures and place them in order.

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How will you be using this Unscramble the Words activity in primary? Let us know in the comments!

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