Review Game: Singing Bee

I’m planning this activity early in the year with my Senior Primary, as a fun Singing Bee game / quiz to see just how well the Senior Primary knows and remembers When I Am Baptized.

I may or may not do this with my Junior Primary the same week. I currently have it planned to use this game for the 1st verse only, but if they’re struggling with the song the week before I’ll hold off on this activity a few weeks until I think they’re ready!

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Singing Bee game and directions for teaching alongside When I Am Baptized song for Singing time lesson plans for primary choristers / music leaders. #LDS #Primary #MusicLeaders #PrimaryChorister #Chorister #ImaMormon #SingingTime

When I Am Baptized – Singing Bee

This game is the ultimate review game to see how well the Primary kids know the words. You’ll start by singing the song through. Just sing the first verse only, and ask the kids if they’re ready for a challenge.

If they are, pass the “Singing Bee” to one child. Tell them we’re going to go down the row, passing our singing bee, from one kid to the next singing (or saying) the next word of the song.

You can have the pianist help the Junior’s with a simple one hand melody of the notes so the music doesn’t take over the room.

If they know the word, they’ll say or sing out the word that comes next, then pass the Singing Bee down the row. You’ll want to encourage them to move pretty quickly, like a hot potato game, as it will be easier to keep up with the words and the melody.

The pacing will help them more easily remember what word comes next. If a child doesn’t know the word, or simply wants to pass, have them sit down and pass the Singing Bee to the next child.

Continue around the room until their is only one child left.

If you end up with several singing bee champions that can’t be stumped, congratulate them on being Singing Bee champions. I’m going to bring in Werther’s Originals to pass out to everyone left standing. You could alternatively do bit ‘o honey, but I didn’t want to worry about allergies.

When everyone is ready to move onto the next verse, sing through the 2nd verse again all together. This time you can start a challenge round (if you want the chaos). Hand the Singing Bee to a random child (not in an order).

Tell them they have to give it to someone next to them, but the Singing Bee can go in any direction (forward, backward, right, or left).

The only rule is you can’t pass it back to the person it passed it to you! The Senior boys will love this, as they’ll try to get their friend “out” for the round.

Singing Bee game and directions for teaching alongside When I Am Baptized song for Singing time lesson plans for primary choristers / music leaders. #LDS #Primary #MusicLeaders #PrimaryChorister #Chorister #ImaMormon #SingingTime

I printed out these cute singing bee’s on a piece of cardstock. Then, glued them together so it was double sided and laminated so I can use this prop over and over gain! (Pen for size reference).

Click here —> to Download When I Am Baptized Singing Bee

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5 thoughts on “Review Game: Singing Bee”

  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! Do you randomly stop throughout the song? and if so, how do you and the pianist communicate that?

    • For singing bee you can have the pianist slowly plunk along the melody notes only or have the kids sing it acapella. It’s more about the words than the melody, though the melody really helps them pick out the next word. Sometimes I’ll sing the last few words for them again, if they’re stuck, and that can help them catch up with the melody to remember the next word.


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