When He Comes Again – Flip Chart

I Wonder When He Comes Again… what a perfect song to teach our Primary kids with all that’s going on in the world and the constant commotion. There’s much pondering on when the Savior’s Second Coming may happen.

This sweet Primary song can help open up discussions with the children and in their homes with their families about the signs of the times, the words of the prophets warning and foretelling. It can also help us keep a happy and positive outlook on the things that are to come, even amongst some of the hard times that will lead the way.

I love this part from the When He Comes Again lyrics: “I’m sure he’ll call His little ones, together ’round his knee.” What a beautiful opportunity we have while teaching this song to literally gather the children around our knee and teach them about the Savior!

When He Comes Again Flip Chart

The Primary Flip Chart for When He Comes Again can be downloaded below, but I wanted to be sure you also had some of our top resources for getting started with flip charts! First, this list of all Primary Flip Charts will help you find all the print outs for this year’s songs!

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When He Comes Again Singing
Time Flip Chart Printable

This flip chart has 3 colorful pages per verse with meaningful pictures and colors that help the kids connect with the lyrics of the song. It’s hard to pick just one verse from this song, because I like them both! And they both really build on each other! But you can print either verse or both to teach this year.

Click here —> Print When He Comes Again Singing Time Flip Chart

When He Comes Again
Primary Program
Flip Chart Printable

The Primary Program version of our Singing Time When He Comes Again Flip Chart is a simple, black-and-white, landscape file. It’s 3 pages per verse, because unfortunately there are just too many words to get it down much shorter than that. You can print out one or both verses, as needed.

Click here —> Print When He Comes Again┬áPrimary Program Flip Chart

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