Could I Hold the Baby Flip Chart & Lyrics

If you’re looking for something fresh and different to teach your Primary kids for Christmas this year, I absolutely love the sweet song, Could I Hold the Baby. This flip chart for Could I Hold the Baby will help you quickly and easily teach the song to the kids!

Free printable Could I Hold the Baby Flip Chart plus lyrics to help LDS Primary Music Leaders in planning and teaching this Christmas song in Singing Time!

Could I Hold the Baby Flip Chart

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You can find Could I Hold the Baby sheet music here, but my very favorite line of the song is right in the title itself. That sweet little drawl from the small voice of a child saying:

“Could I hold the baby? Will He smile at me?” I just picture each of my little children as they asked to hold their baby sibling and the scene just completely melts my heart.

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Could I Hold the Baby Lyrics

This song is written by Rachel M. Goates and was published in the Friend magazine. It is considered pre-approved to teach in Primary. Grab the sheet music for Could I Hold the Baby here.

Verse 1:
It’s Christmas Eve, I’m tucked in bed,
I’m snug and warm, my prayers are said.
I start to think about the first Christmas Night.
The manger warm, the baby fair,
The star that led the shepherds there,
And what I’d say to Mary as
She smiles at the little Christ child.

Could I hold the baby? Will He smile at me?
Does He know why He is born
And what His life will be?
Could I hold the baby and tell Him of my love?
How glad I am that Jesus Christ
Was sent from heaven above.

Verse 2:
Now every day the whole year through
I’ll think of all that I can do to be like Him a
And live as He showed me how.
And I’ll remember that Christmas toys a
Are not as dear as girls and boys
That Jesus loves each one of us endlessly.
He loves you and me.

Could I Hold the Baby Singing
Time Flip Chart Printable

This colorful flip chart for Could I Hold the Baby is 2 pages for each of the two verses and then 2 pages for the chorus, making the whole printout just 6 pages. That’s pretty good, for such a long and wordy song!

Could I Hold the Baby Flip Chart & Lyrics Easy ideas for Music Leaders 20210903 171309

It’s filled with darling Christmas images and colorful accents on some of the keywords throughout the song to help the kids follow along while learning the lyrics.

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Could I Hold the Baby
Primary Program
Flip Chart Printable

The “Primary Program” version of the flip chart is named that just to follow the other style guide for the rest of my flip charts. If you’re looking for a simple, black and white, no-fuss flip chart with extra large font this is it!

Could I Hold the Baby Flip Chart & Lyrics Easy ideas for Music Leaders could I hold the baby flip chart

It’s the same 6-pages but with a slightly larger font and in landscape mode to easily hang over the podium!

Could I Hold the Baby Slideshow

It’s easier than ever before to use flip charts in Primary thanks to technology!! Now you can simply download this slideshow Could I Hold the Baby Flip Chart and cast it to the TV screen to have the words nice and big for everyone to see!

If you run into issues with the PDF slideshow, you can also try our Google Slides Could I Hold the Baby Slideshow option!

Have any feedback about my Could I Hold the Baby flip chart? Let me know in the comments!

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