A Child’s Prayer Song Story

A song story is a wonderful way to slow down and have the Spirit speak to the children with a story that is relatable and draws them in.

In this A Child’s Prayer Song Story, you’ll share a simple and sweet story about a missing pet the children will easily relate to, while singing lines from the song mixed in throughout the story!

A Child’s prayer is recommended in 3 out of the 4 program years! You can see all four Come Follow Me Primary Songs Rotation at a glance in this helpful printable! While you can teach it any of the years, I highly recommend teaching A Child’s Prayer as part of your Old Testament Primary Songs!

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A Child's Prayer singing time ideas - Teach A Child's Prayer with this song story! It's a great way to use the spiritual learning style to have a meaningful experience teaching A Child's Prayer - printable song story for Primary Music Leaders.

A Child’s Prayer Song Story

What is a Song Story?

A song story is when you share a story and pause at intervals to add a line or two of a song that correlates to the story. With a song story you bring a simple story to life by adding music.

How to Use a Song Story:

Transition from another song or activity and jump right into this song story. I recommend NOT singing through the song first for this activity.

A song story works especially well after a high energy activity such as a movement or music learning style activity. If the children have been up out of their seats or moving about, make sure they’ve returned to their seats for the song story and are ready to listen.

A Child's Prayer Song Story singing time ideas for primary with printable lesson plan and story

Tell the children you have a story to share with them. Their job will be to listen while you share a story about Susie and her cat.

You’ll follow the printed story below. Read the story lines making sure to add emphasis and expressions and reading the part with a lot of emotion to help draw the children in.

When you get to the (Sing) parts, also marked in blue font, you’ll pause speaking the parts of the story and instead sing acapella the simple line of the song. Some of the children might pick up and start singing along with you, that’s totally fine, but otherwise don’t ask them to sing along with you.

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Continue reading and singing throughout the song story.

End with a simple testimony on the importance and power of prayer.

You can now choose to sing A Child’s Prayer together as a Primary. Or ask the children if they have had any experiences like Susie from the story about prayer they want to share.

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A Child’s Prayer Song Story

Susie was having a really hard week. Her cat, Whiskers, was missing. Her family had made posters, and asked the neighbors, but still had not been able to find Whiskers. Sad and lonely, she knelt and asked,

(Sing) Heavenly Father, are you really there?

She had heard a lesson the week before in Primary that she could pray if she needed help or comfort.

(Sing) And do you hear and answer every child’s prayer?

A Child's Prayer Song Story singing time ideas for primary

Today, she wanted to ask for help that Whiskers would be safe and that they could find him soon.

(Sing) Some say that Heaven is far away,
but I feel it close around me as I pray.

Susie was blessed with an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort. She felt as if she was near the Savior as she prayed.

(Sing) Heavenly Father I remember now
something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
“Suffer the Children to come to me.”

Tears filled Susie’s eyes as she felt the Savior’s love for her. She knew everything would be okay.

(Sing) Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.

Susie decided that she would turn to prayer whenever she needed help or comfort. She wanted to feel close to her Heavenly Father whenever she could.

(Repeat singing) Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.

You, too, can turn to prayer whenever you feel lonely, scared, confused, or just want to share what is happening in your week. Heavenly Father does listen to and answer our prayers.

(Bear testimony on prayer).

A Child’s Prayer
Song Story Printable

This cute A Child’s Prayer song story is about Susie and her missing cat. Susie turns to prayer and finds the comfort from a loving Savior. The song story weaves in the lyrics of the first verse of A Child’s Prayer in a meaningful way.

A Child's Prayer singing time ideas - Teach A Child's Prayer with this song story! It's a great way to use the spiritual learning style to have a meaningful experience teaching A Child's Prayer - printable song story for Primary Music Leaders.

The printable song story includes a 1-page overview of how to use the song story in singing time. Then, it has a 1-page printable with the song story. It’s color coded to make it easier to read and sing through the story!

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How did your Primary like this A Child’s Prayer song story? Do you have other fun ideas for a 2nd verse or extension activities?

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