Beach Day Summer Review Game

Are you wishing and dreaming you were off on vacation and at the beach instead of in Primary? The kids will LOVE this cute themed activity where you bring the beach into the primary room. In this Beach Day summer review game you’ll hunt for different beach scenery as you review and practice all of the songs you’ve learned so far this year.

I love to do Program reviews in the summer as many of the kids are missing and it can be hard to make progress on new songs. It also takes off some of the pressure of reviewing all of the Primary songs right before the presentation. If you spend some time with review in the summer, you can cut out some of your fall song review!

Summer Beach Day singing time song review game fun activity perfect for summertime! Help create a beach scene as you practice each of the songs learned so far this year. With printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Beach Day Summer Review

How to Play:

Write your song picks on the back of each printable graphic. Laminate the graphics and then use a wet erase marker to keep the titles in place for singing time but removable.

Draw a simple beach scene on the whiteboard or chalkboard. Or, you can make an colorful scene on a large poster board or tri-fold board. It should show mostly sand with the edge of water to fit all of the graphics! You could add accessories to the scene, if you’d like, such as a beach towel or umbrella.

Summer Beach Day singing time games with each object

Tell the children today we’re going to take a trip to the beach! We’ll get to decorate the scene with all our favorite things to find at the beach.

Let a child pick a beach accessory and add it to the scene. You can stick it with magnets or poster putty to easily move and remove the pieces later. Sing the song you have listed on the back.

Continue to pick a picture to add to the scene and as you sing through your songs!

Size comparison of the summer beach day printables

More Fun Ways to Use this Beach Day Activity!

Program Ready: Divide the beach into several areas and advance your songs as they perfect them! In the water is “sinking”, edge of the water is “splashing”, in the sand is “playing”, and program ready at the top edge of your picture for “dreamy”. Or, just add to the scene when they are “summer ready.”

Summer beach day size comparison full page and half page

Lead the Song: Let the child also lead the song. You could add a fun prop to help lead: Shovel, snorkel, sand toy, beach ball, plush turtle, make a “bird” with your hands, star wand, shell, sunglasses, wear a hat, with a straw, with an ice cream cone!

Matching Activity: Match each item with a different activity while singing your song:

  • Sand Bucket – Bring in pool noodle sand blocks and pat on your lap on each word.
  • Snorkel – Sing underwater style by rubbing one finger up and down on your lips.
  • Sandcastle – Tap your toes, knees, lap, hips, shoulders, head – building a castle!
  • Beach Ball – Raise a beach ball up to sing louder and down to sing quieter.
  • Sunglasses – Sing with the lights dimmed (or off) like you all have sunglasses on.
  • Hat – Tap your head once per note along with the beat.
  • Lemonade – Use fun straw actions to represent the song lyrics.
  • Ice Cream – Let the children shake ribbon wands downward with all the colors!
Summer beach day singing time game black and white and with activity idea

Hot & Cold: Hide the beach items around the room. Have one child leave the room and let the children decide on one secret object the seeker will need to look for. Sing hot & cold style by getting louder the closer they get to the correct item. If they pick up the wrong one have sing super quiet until they put it back and then resume hot and cold.

Match with a Song: Use a variety of songs tied to each of the summer objects! Here are some ideas shared by Kris Simon:

  • Sunglasses – I Love to See the Temple
  • Snorkel – Baptism
  • Ice Cream Cone – Once There Was an Ice Cream
  • Sun hat – Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
  • Beach Ball – Divided sing your song of choice – Hold the beach ball in front of one of the groups at a time and that group sings.
  • Sandcastle – Pick your favorite song to sing
Beach Day Summer Review Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Keep the Commandments Fruit Rhythms 1

Head over to see this super fun Fruit Rhythms activity to add a rhythm activity to any song with easy to mix and match patterns!

Beach Day Summer Review Printable Graphics!

This free in-post printable includes 8 colorful and fun 1/4 sheet graphics you can use to help teach a mix of songs this summer!

Summer beach day variety of extended printables
Beach Day Summer Review Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

You’ll find 4 additional graphics, half-page and full-page images, singing time activities tied to each graphic, and black and white options included in the June Book of Mormon INSTANT Primary Singing membership. It is also available in my shop here.

Summer Beach Day Song Review Game singing time idea!

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For another fun singing time activity this summer, head over to see this Stars & Stripes game based on a Sing or Dare game!

Beach Day Summer Review Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders stars and stripes game

What other fun ways could you use these beach day illustrations in your singing time?

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