Blown Out of the Water – A Program Review Game

We’re coming up on that time of the year — it’s time to review all of your Primary Program songs! You can mix it up each week with a new fresh game each time or pick a theme and let the kids see their progress across a couple of weeks.

Today, I’m sharing a fun review game that was inspired by (but adapted) from a review game a fellow music leader shared on the Primary Facebook Group, such a good resource! I loved her idea (here) but I wanted something a little simpler for setup (and a little more printable!!).

Blown Out of the Water
Program Review Game

Blown out of the water - fishing program review game

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This is a simple review game designed to fit this year’s theme of Come, Follow Me when Christ calls on us to follow Him and be fishers of men. To tie in the theme, I’ll ask the children what stories they have learned this year about Jesus that talked about fish or water.

Stories of Jesus About Fish / Water:

  • Calling the apostles to be “Fishers of Men”
  • Blessing the bread and fish
  • Telling the apostles where to cast their nets to catch a boat load of fish
  • The apostles gave Jesus fish to eat when he was resurrected!
  • Jesus walking on water
  • Jesus calming the waves
  • Being baptized in the Jordan river
  • Christ talking to the Woman at the Well about living water

I’ll then say yes, Jesus used parables and stories to teach us and show us how things might relate to us. I thought it would be fun to be our own fishers as we get ready for the Program.

We’ll use some fun common sayings to rate how well you know these songs. If you can “Blow me out of the water” with fantastic singing and knowing the words, you won’t have to sing it when we finish up this review game next week!”

Blown out of the water - fishing program review game

The Water-themed Idioms I’m using:

  • 1: Blown Out of the Water — Fantastic!!
  • 2: Smooth Sailing — Sounding Good
  • 3: Something’s Fishy — Not Quiet Right
  • 4: A Drop in the Ocean — Still a Ways to Go
  • 5: Deep Water — Not at all Ready for the Program

Alternate Water/Ocean/Fish Idioms:

  • Hot Water
  • Keep Your Head Above Water
  • Like a Fish Out of Water
  • Water Under the Bridge
  • As a Duck Takes to Water
  • Fresh off the Boat
  • Happy as a Clam
  • You’re Walking on Thin Ice
  • There’s Trouble in the Water
  • Big Fish in a Small Pond

How to Make the Review Game


  • Printer
  • Cardstock
  • Poster Board
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Magnets or Tacky Putty
Blown out of the water - fishing program review game

I made the fish first using Word. I have printable versions below (and directions!)

Then, I worked on my post. I picked out my phrases. I divided the poster into 5 sections (the top section doesn’t need to be very big). I wrote in my titles and did just a little extra accents for each water depth.

Then, just cut out your fish and you can stick to your whiteboard/chalkboard or right to the poster. You can use magnet clips and have the fish just move right to their level. Or, I love using that blue tacky putty stuff as it doesn’t mess up posters! The fish don’t have to be right on top of the poster – feel free to use the extra side space.

Blown out of the water - fishing program review game

Then, just write on the back of the fish what # they should start at next week or snap a quick picture to make it super easy to reassemble the following week.

Adding Variety
Extension Review Ideas

I’m planning to use this review game across 2 weeks (with a Program run-through one of the weeks in-between). Because I will only be dragging this game across two weeks, I won’t be using many of these extra ideas. But you certainly can to help it feel fresh and different week after week!

Blown out of the water - fishing program review game
  • Find-and-Seek Fish – Hide the fish around the room. Let the kids find them and sing the song for the fish that was found. Then add it to the board at the singing level.
  • Fishing for Songs – Put a paper clip on the fish nose and “fish” for the songs with a magnetic fishing pole. As a simpler alternative, you can just place the fish upside down on the table and let the children pick a fish!
  • Fishy Helpers – Hide the fish under certain chairs around the Primary room. Ask one row at a time to reverently and quietly look under their chair for a fish. Asks the rest of the Primary to be super patient for their turn! The child with a fish under their chair will bring it up and help you lead, hold a flip chart, or be the judge (whatever you need help with!).
  • Competition Fish – Let the JR and SR compete against each other trying to perfect the songs first! Leave up the other groups progress and see if they can out perform the other kids! This always highly motivates my Senior Primary, so I will be doing this just by leaving JR Primary’s fish up after their turn!
  • Name the Fishy Tune – Have one or two children go out in the hall (maybe one at each door). Then have the children pick the song. Their goal is to see good enough that their classmates can name the song!

Printable Primary Song Fish

I didn’t create every fish possible, but there are the 10 songs I’m using with titles plus a full page of blank fish (3 per page) so you can write in your own Program song titles.

Blown out of the water - fishing program review game

If you want to match my fish font, I used Word and added Word Art with Bernard MT Condensed font, Size 80. Then, just drag around a little positioning to put the title right onto the fish body!

This printable includes a quick review game overview with the levels of singing I’m using. Plus, the printable fish outline!

Click here —> to Print Blown Out of the Water Review Game (Word)

If you have any problems with the Word version, you can instead download the PDF version and just print the pages you need and write in your own song titles.

Click here —> to Print Blown Out of the Water Review Game (PDF)

What other fun ways could you use these little fish cutouts to have fun reviewing your Program songs?

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  1. I love this review idea! Thank you so much for sharing!! I can’t wait to use it with my kiddos!! Do you happen to have it saved in word? Both of the links download it as a pdf and so I can’t edit it and put in my own song titles.

    • YES! I always do PDF because the wrong fonts move everything “off” alignment. But I totally meant to upload this one as a Word doc, so thanks for catching that!


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