The Nativity Song – Primary Nativity Skits

Did you get asked to help prepare a nativity skit for your Ward’s Christmas party? Chances are, they asked you with just a week or two’s notice, too. I’m in the same boat! Enter — The Nativity Song Primary Christmas Nativity Skits!

Free printable The Nativity Song Primary Christmas Skits! A cute way to get the kids interacting in Singing Time or use for your Ward Christmas Party!

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A Small Update on Where I’ve Been

I was actually released right after our Primary Program this year in September, after 3 years in the calling. I did help sub for a few additional weeks even after I was released. Still, they haven’t found a new Primary music leader and they asked me to help with the Christmas party this year.

The Nativity Song - Primary Nativity Skits Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Family Pic Christmas Tree
Family Christmas Tree picture for your enjoyment. 🙂

So, you may not have seen me around much lately, but I do still have content and ideas to share from my first 2 years of leading music that were before I started this blog. I hope to be back and adding new ideas here in the new Primary year.

So stay tuned for those! If you’re subscribed to my email newsletter, you’ll get updates with my new posts when I finally get a chance to get back at it!

The Nativity Song Inspiration

What do you do when your ward has asked you to come up with a nativity skit for your Primary? It’s a lot of work! We were asked to sing 2-3 songs and have the kids act out the scene.

Well, this year’s plan came about from a friend who’s taken over subbing in Primary while they look for a new music leader. The idea is simple — teach the kids just one song (though it’s a long one) and definitely use poster boards with the words!

The Nativity Song is just the perfect song to pick! It lays out the entire nativity scene across the five verses and makes it so no one needs to learn any speaking parts or do any real “acting”.

The Nativity Song - Primary Nativity Skits Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Nativity Song Poster 5

See our Nativity Song Sing-Along Posters here!

Using The Nativity Song Primary Christmas Skits

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post following the lesson plan directions included within this post.*

How to Use The Nativity Song Primary Christmas Skits:

  • Break up the verses of The Nativity Song into different small groups or parts.
  • Assign solo/parts/groups to learn and perform their part.
  • Assign the key important roles of Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, and the Shepherds ahead of time to families that will be attending the Christmas party.
  • Gather costumes
  • Make poster signs (See: Nativity Song Sing-Along Posters) with the words for those verses that will need it.

You can use costumes or find someone in your ward that already has some. I got all of my costumes at Oriental Trading company for my own family’s The Savior’s Birth: A Nativity Skit.

You can also find Christmas Nativity Costumes on Amazon!

The Nativity Song - Primary Nativity Skits Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Nativity Song Skit Costumes

We do this nativity skit I created every year at home and I just love it!! Since I already do this every year, I have collected all the costumes over the years. The skit combines singing carols and the nativity skit into one activity. You can grab that printable one as well, if you’d like it, over on my other blog.

We actually used my The Savior’s Birth Nativity Skit as a ward last year! Just be sure to sing ONLY 1 verse per song or maybe pair down a song or two as it was just a little long in the big group setting verses the home setting.

The Nativity Song — Parts by Verse:

My plan for the song is all easily broken down in the printable version available at the end of this post. But basically, I plan to have different groups for each verse:

The Nativity Song - Primary Nativity Skits Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Nativity Song Skit 1
  • 1st verse – Solo or Trio from the Bishopric
  • 2nd verse – Young Women or a couple adult women
  • 3rd verse – Young Men or a couple adult men
  • 4th verse – All Primary singing together
  • 5th verse – Girls sing the first line, then Boys sing the second line, then all Primary children together for the final two lines.

You could also skip either the 2nd or 3rd verse, or both if you really need to. I would keep the 1st, 4th, and 5th verses for sure, though! You can also have your Primary sing all 5 verses with the words available.

The first verse may be the hardest for them, though, as there isn’t a lot of strong imagery or symbols in the first verse to point out. If you want only one small group, I’d use the 1st verse as a small group or solo.

The Nativity Song — Skit:

Now, you can choose to add, or skip all together, the nativity skit. I would have the singing groups stand to the sides and have your manger front and center on one wall, if possible. You will want the Primary children close to the nativity scene, though, as you’ll have some of the children leave from the singing group to join the nativity scene.

Have assigned roles and actors that enter the manger scene and stay there through the remainder of the song, as follows:

  • 2nd verse – Young women hold stars while they sing. You may also have one or more girls dressed as an angel. You can have the stars/angel stand towards the back of the manger scene, or just stay in their small group to one side.
  • 3rd verse – Some young men add a branch or Christmas tree greenery to the manger scene. They can also carry in the manger. Have an already set up stable in the background as they won’t have time for the whole setup.
  • 4th verse – Have 2 shepherds from the Young Men or Primary join the nativity scene. Have 3 wise men from the Primary, Young Men, or Priesthood join the nativity scene.
  • 5th verse – Have Mary, then Joseph enter the scene. Have Mary reveal baby Jesus (hidden and already at the stable).

Printable The Nativity Song Primary Skits or Ward Skits for the Christmas Party!

The Nativity Song - Primary Nativity Skits Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Nativity Song Skit 2

I’ve created a 1-page overview of the song, parts, and suggested breakdown of each of the roles of the skit. Of course, you can always adapt this idea to fit your own Ward and Primary. If you have a large Primary, you could even just use the kids!

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If you use this idea and love it, I would be thrilled to hear how it went with your ward for your Christmas parties! Ours is just 2 weeks away!!

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