We’ll Bring the World His Truth – Fill in the Blank

This fun fill-in-the-blank lesson plan for We’ll Bring the World His Truth is perfect for drawing attention to the keywords in the song with a fill-in-the-blank approach!

I’ve even added a picture version of the keywords that can be used for Junior Primary when learning the 1st verse.

Primary Singing Time Game for We'll Bring the World His Truth - Fill-in-the-Blank challenge! A fun and easy no-prep game and lesson plan for LDS Primary music leaders / choristers. #PrimarySInging #LDS #Primary #PrimaryChorister

We’ll Bring the World His Truth
Fill in the Blank

Before introducing the activity we would be doing, I had the kids sing through the song one time first. I gave them a hint that they should pay close attention to the words, as they would need the help in just a minute.

After we sang through the song once I pulled out my fill-in-the-blank activity. I asked the Primary if they were up for the challenge! Of course, they were!

I instructed the kids that I would pick one child to start, and then as soon as they were heading back I would call up another child.

We then sang through the song while the kids took turns coming up to the front and filling in the blanks. I had a cup full of colorful markers they could choose from as they came up.

It took us about 4 times singing through the song, on repeat, until all of the blanks were filled. Once the chart was complete, then I asked them to SKIP all the words they had just filled in.

Then, for one last challenge, I asked them to sing ONLY the words that were hand written into the blanks.

We were able to sing through the song 7 times without anyone getting sick of it!

Plus, in the end, we had a really cute and color words chart the kids had created! You could re-purpose their chart to add to your Primary Program lyrics book or in later lesson plans!

I had so much fun with this lesson plan and it went over so well, that I’ve created a series of pictures (and slightly simplified fill-in-the-blank chart) for the Junior Primary to complete! They’ll add pictures in the blanks.

We'll Bring the World His Truth fill-in-the-blank for Junior Primary singing time lesson plan

I’ll let a friend or two pick a picture and then ask them to listen to the song and raise their hand as soon as their picture belongs. We’ll then add it to the words printable on the blank it belongs to.

Click here —> to Download We’ll Bring the World
His Truth Fill-in-the-Blank Game for Senior Primary.ย 

Click here —> to Download Junior Fill-in-the-Blank
Game with Pictures for Verse 1

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    • That’s a great question! I may have to go back in and add the keyword next to the pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Pg 1 Pictures:
      – Youth
      – Understand
      – Army of Helaman

      Pg 2 Pictures:
      – Born
      – Love
      – Parents
      – Nephi
      – World
      – Commands
      – Missionaries
      – Taught

      Hope you were able to follow along and that makes sense!


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