When I Am Baptized – Paper Plates

Pull out your paper plates, a fun and inexpensive instrument option, and have some fun with this When I Am Baptized activity! This activity works great for both Junior and Senior Primary!

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When I Am Baptized Paper Plate Pattern movement / instrument activity for LDS Primary Singing Time - a easy low prep lesson plan for Primary Choristers #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime


When I Am Baptized
Paper Plates

This fun paper plates pattern will work for either verse, I’m outlining how it flow for the first verse here, but you can apply the exact same patter for the 2nd verse.

I plan to use this fun paper plate pattern for the 2nd verse. We’ll start with singing the full song through once. Then, review the 2nd verse one more time.

I’ll then demonstrate the pattern and ask the Primary to follow along with their hands. We work through the song once time again while they mimic with their hands.


When I Am Baptized Paper Plate Pattern movement / instrument activity for LDS Primary Singing Time - a easy low prep lesson plan for Primary Choristers #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime

I ask them next if they know the pattern and are ready for their paper plates. In Junior, you can give them time to color the plates if you want while you repeat the song a few times through.

You’ll also likely want to simplify the pattern to just 2 repeating movements for Junior Primary to make it easier for them. Pick your favorite two movements for the 1st verse, and a different two patterns for the 2nd verse.


In Senior Primary, though, they’ll like the quick changing paces. It will give them a challenge to keep up with.

You should be able to make your way through the song 3-4 times. I like to do a double speed pace for the final time through. The kids always love the fast version!


If you use Amazon Prime Pantry, you can get a 90-ct set of paper plates for under $5 shipped to your door!


When I Am Baptized
Paper Plates Pattern Explained

  • Alternate Clapping with Plates – Clap one big clap to the left, then to the right and repeat. Clapping on every main beat.

    I “like” / to “look” / for “rain” / -bo”ws”

  • Shuffle Plates Together – Rub the paper plates together in front of you, forward and back quickly with each half-note.

    “when” / “-ever” / “there” / “is” / “rain”

  • Double Clap – Pause each half-note, then double- clap with the paper plates on the keywords.

    and “ponder” / on the “beauty” / of an “earth made” / clean “a-gain”

  • Alternate Patting Legs – Hold one paper plate in each hand and pat one plate on your right thigh with the first half-note, then to your left thigh with your plate in your left hand. Repeat through this section.

    “I” / “want” / “my” / “life” / “to” / “be” / “as” / “clean”

  • Dab Plates – Dab both plates (one in each hand) to the left, than right, and left again.

    “as earth” / “right after” / “rain”

  • Pat Legs – Repeat same pattern as above.

    “I” / “want” / “to” / “be” / “the” / “best” / “I” / “can”

  • Swish Above Head – Repeat same pattern as above.

    “and live” / “with God” / “a-gain”


Here’s a quick demonstration of the pattern to help you learn/understand the moves outlined above.

Practice it a few times before Primary and jot down a few notes to help you remember the moves and you’re ready to go!

Paper Plates Pattern Video:

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