Review Game: Candy for Courage

This genius idea I learned from the LDS Primary Music Leaders Facebook Group. I created a cute printable to make it easier to access for other choristers, but the idea isn’t by any means my own.

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Candy for Courage Primary Singing Time review game #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime

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Candy for Courage Review Game

In this review activity, you can challenge your Primary kids to sing in groups or as a solo to earn candy (for their courage!)

  • Smarties = For parties
    Groups of 5 or more kids that sing together. They can share a split a pack of Smarties
  • Crunch = For a bunch
    Groups of 3-4 that come up to sing together can share a mini Crunch bar
  • Gummy Bears = For pairs
    Groups of 2 each get a gummy bear
  • Skittle = For a little
    If they get up and give it a try, even if they back out, or if they want to sing just a line or two of the song, they can earn a skittle
  • Rolo = For a solo
    Sing a solo and they earn an Rolo

You can use this game for a full singing time, but bring a back-up activity just in case. Chances are, you’ll easily fill your time with willing volunteers.

Or, plan in a little time the last week of each month and pull out this game for a fun review aspect of all the previously learned songs as choices!

You could even let the Primary kids visit right after church each week for a chance to participate in Candy for Courage!

This is a fun way to see how well the kids know the songs on an individual basis. It can also help you find great singers to pull out some soloists you can use during the Primary Program!

Candy for Courage Primary Singing Time review game #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime

I printed out this printable on a sheet of white cardstock. Then, I glued trimmed down the edges with a paper cutter and glued it on to a piece of colorful cardstock.

Then, simply laminate and you can use this for years and years to come! If you need a non-candy alternative (for allergies or other reasons) you could do Stickers for Singers! These funky star stickers are really cute!

Click here —> to Download Candy for Courage Review Game

Try our Singing Bee game for another fun way to review the program songs!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I just got called as a primary music leader which is so out of my comfort zone. I will definitely use some of your ideas to teach the songs.


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