23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas

Thanksgiving Singing Time ideas so many fun activities and ideas to teach about gratitude and a thankful heart this November in your Primary! A resource list of lots of different activities for LDS Primary music leaders and teachers. Including break a turkey wishbone, so thank-fall leaves, build a thankful turkey full of colorful feathers, pick a thanksgiving pie slice or pie face game and many others!

You’re going to love all of these fun and varied Thanksgiving Singing Time ideas and activities perfect to use in your Primary this November! There’s an assortment of activities from all about gratitude to Thanksgiving traditions and fun games your … Read now

Thanksgiving Share the Harvest

Use this fun Thanksgiving Share the Harvest fall singing time idea to review any primary song! Pass the vegetables and share what you are thankful for! Fall Singing Time Idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Looking for a creative way to utilize your fall harvest? Bring in different types of hard vegetables to pass around the room during singing time! This Thanksgiving Share the Harvest is such a fun & simple fall singing time idea … Read now

Hands of Gratitude & Helping Hand Activity

Fun and easy gratitude activity to use at any time of the year or great for Thanksgiving! Write things you are thankful for and share them in singing time! Printable hands template for LDS Primary music leaders. A great activity for your last week in the calling to share your gratitude for the gospel and the Primary children!

You’ll love this 2-in-1 singing time activity that can be used any time of the year. Plus, there’s some fun extension activities that will help you find the perfect way to use these cute hands in your Primary room. There’s … Read now

Thanksgiving Thankful Chain

Thanksgiving Thankful Chain - Create a Thankful Chain with paper chains in singing time and share what you're thankful for with this fall activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

What are you feeling thankful for this year? I love this time of year! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the many blessings received from our loving Heavenly Father. If you’re looking for a simple activity that incorporates … Read now

Thanksgiving Pick a Pie Game

Thanksgiving Pick a Pie Singing Time - Pick your favorite Thanksgiving Pie and sing through the song on the back of the pie. Plus, fun additional ways to play. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

What’s the best part of Thanksgiving? Of course — the pie!! Okay, and visiting with family and friends, too. But I must admit the pies are my favorite dish in the Thanksgiving feast. I’ve come up with a fun Thanksgiving … Read now

Thanksgiving Break a Turkey Wishbone

Thanksgiving Break a Wishbone fun singing time idea for November! Or, a great family activity for your Thanksgiving gatherings - the kids will love their chance to break a wishbone, too! Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Does your family look forward to this favorite Thanksgiving Break a Turkey Wishbone tradition? It’s a great way to let the kids get a chance with a wishbone in this simple activity to help you use 2 helpers at a … Read now

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Printable

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey printable singing time activity and lesson plan on gratitude and blessings! Fun and easy craft for kids or for your Primary class.

You will love this super cute turkey to help bring in a spirit of gratitude to your Primary room leading up to Thanksgiving in Singing time and some fun ways to sing ideas to tie in, too. This Thanksgiving Thankful … Read now

Thanksgiving Primary Songs Word Search

Easy singing time idea -- Have some fun with this Thanksgiving-themed word search while singing primary songs about gratitude! Have the kids see how many words they can find and how many songs they recognize! Then, sing the fall songs as you go! Printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders. #LDS #Primary #Singingtime #Musicleader

Need a simple singing time idea for Thanksgiving weekend? Use this cute Thanksgiving Primary Songs Word Search! This representation of words activity is a fun way to introduce lots of new holiday songs to the kids! I created a Thanksgiving-Themed … Read now

FUN Thanksgiving Feast Primary Review!

This FUN Thanksgiving Feast Primary Idea is a cute way to review primary songs during November! Bring in pictures of favorite Thanksgiving foods with songs written on the back. Add items to your plate as you review! Printable singing time ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Have you ever brought a full Thanksgiving dinner to primary? This FUN Thanksgiving Feast Primary Idea is a cute way to review primary songs during November! No baking necessary! This visual activity brings Thanksgiving Dinner to life as you review … Read now

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