Choose Him Again Flip Chart & Lyrics

Many Primary Music leaders have decided to teach this beautiful song this year and will love this printable Choose Him Again Flip Chart to help!

Choose Him Again would make a great addition to your selections for the 2023 New Testament Song List! It’s got a plan of salvation theme that we’ve not only chosen to follow Jesus before this life, but that we’ll continue to choose Him here as well!

To help you plan and fit this song in for the year, you might look through my Suggested Come Follow Me Songs by Year. This helps break down each of the suggested songs by year to avoid repeats and you can find opportunities there to add additional songs!

Choose Him Again Flip Chart & Lyrics

Choose Him Again Flip Chart

I’ve been trying to add more of these favorite Primary songs that aren’t from the Children’s Songbook to my collection of Singing Time Flip Charts. They’re a bit harder to source the lyrics and they can be LONG, but I hope you’ll love how this one turned out.

Choose Him Again printable Flip Chart

To help you get even more use out of your flip charts, head over to this informative post on how I use flip charts in Primary!

Choose Him Again Lyrics

This song was written by Shawna Edwards and the
sheet music is available for purchase on her website here.

Verse 1:
Before we came here we all lived in Heaven,
With Heavenly Father and Jesus His son.
It’s where they taught us to choose from good from evil,
To be prepared for the battle to come.

For Satan tried to destroy us forever,
To make us turn from the things we were taught.
But nothing could keep us from choosing Jesus
For we loved the plan of God.

And we will choose him again,
For He’s our Savior and friend.
He’ll help and guide us each day
And He will show us the way
To be the best us we possibly can.
Oh, we will choose him,
We will choose him again.

Choose Him Again Flip Chart & slideshow flipchart options

Verse 2:
And now we’re on earth to prove we’ll be faithful,
Keep His commandments and follow His ways.
For we’re still fighting for good over evil
Not with a sword, but with courage and faith.
And we will rise up and stand with our Savior.
Forever true to the things we’ve been taught
And nothing can keep us from choosing Jesus
For we love the plan of God.

Final Refrain:
We will choose him again.

Choose Him Again Music Video

Want to hear this beautiful song? You can watch the Choose Him Again Music Video performed by the One Voice Children’s Choir.

Choose Him Again
Singing Time Flip Chart

This flip chart is a bit longer than most of my flip charts, just because of all the lyrics. Still, it’s a single page for each stanza and a page for the chorus. You can choose to print the chorus page twice, if needed. I usually don’t and flip back to the chorus the first time or two as needed. The kids typically learn the chorus very quickly.

Choose Him Again Flip Chart

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Choose Him Again
Lyrics Flip Chart Printable

If you will be teaching this song with only a few weeks to learn it, you might use this simple black and white option to display the words for the presentation to help all the children sing confidently, even if they need to peek at the lyrics.

Choose Him Again Lyrics Flip Chart

Choose Him Again
Slideshow Flip Chart

Another great option to help you teach this song is with our slideshow version of this flip chart! It’s colorful and bright and will save your printer!

If you have any issues with compatibility with this slideshow flip chart, you can click here to access our Choose Him Again Google Slideshow flip chart version.

Have any feedback about my Choose Him Again flip chart? Let me know in the comments!

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