Choose the Right Way – Stand Alone Video

I love using short video clips in Primary! They are super engaging — the kids love them — and they can really create a powerful way to illustrate a concept or teach a lesson for you! For Choose the Right Way, I’ll be sharing a short video clip from President Thomas S. Monson called Dare to Stand Alone.

Dare to Stand Alone Video

I love this video because it talks all about choosing the “harder right” and standing up for what you believe in, even when it seems difficult. The story tells of a time in President Monson’s life when he was in the military and felt like he was the last man standing while each other denomination was sent off to assemble for church services.

He was surprised to find out he wasn’t alone, and realize that he was standing as an example for others while standing up for his beliefs even when he was unsure of what his sergeant might say to him.

You can download the video from media library. I highly recommend you do so, that way you don’t run into any issues with the video loading while you are trying to set it up for Primary!

Choose the Right Way
Video Lesson Plan

We’ll start by first singing through Choose the Right Way 1-2 times. Then, I’ll let them know I have a special video clip to share with them. I’ll ask them to think about how this video relates to the song, Choose the Right Way, while they watch the short clip.

Then, we’ll watch Dare to Stand Alone. It’s 4:20 long (4 minutes, 20 seconds).

Then, we’ll will briefly talk about the video. How does the message of the video relate to Choose the Right Way? How can we stand true and make the right choice, even during hard circumstances? How does choosing the right help us to be happy?

Finish with singing through Choose the Right Way 1-2 more times and then switch activities/song!

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The Dare to Stand Alone video would also tie in beautiful with Stand for the Right or other Primary songs about courage and holding true to the faith!

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