I Love to See the Temple Match Game

Have fun singing I Love to See the Temple over and over with this fun I Love to See the Temple Match game! Plus, see below, for another interesting variant game option of playing Go Fish!!

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I Love to See the Temple - Match Game

I Love to See the Temple Match Game

Pick your favorites from the gallery of all the pictures of Temples in the media library! I also really like this collection of pictures of Going to the Temple in the LDS Media Library.

I Love to See the Temple LDS Temples Match Game for Primary

I have created a document with 15 temples that are all a little bit different style to help showcase the variety of temples and locations around the world! You can use some or all of these, or add your own to the mix!

Pictures of just the temples can be more challenging for the kids to make an actual match. So if you’re hoping for a harder challenge — go for those!

How to Play the Temple Match Game:

– Pick out 4-15 temple pictures you’d like to include in your temple match game. Print out 2 copies of each picture on cardstock.

– Line up the pictures, in a random order, on the whiteboard. While you sing “I Love to See the Temple” have children take turns coming up to flip over 2 pictures, trying to make a match!

– Continue looking for matches until you’ve turned over all the pictures as matches!

How to teach I Love to See the Temple Match Game

– I would recommend 8-12 total pictures (4-6 matches) for JR primary and 16-24 total pictures (8-12 match sets) for Senior Primary. If you have a combined group, you might aim closer to the older kids’ group, as they’ll easily pick up the pictures the younger children reveal earlier in the game!

– Talk about how different all the beautiful temples are, around the world, but that they all share the exact same meaning and purpose. Inside, the temples have the same facilities for baptisms and other ordinances!

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Temples included in the Temple Match Printable Game:

  1. Mesa, Arizona
  2. Mexico City, Mexico
  3. Oakland, California
  4. Provo, Utah
  5. Rome, Italy
  6. Salt Lake City, Utah
  7. Jordan River, Utah
  8. Kirtland, Ohio
  9. Laie, Hawaii
  10. Logan, Utah
  11. Johannesburg, South Africa
  12. Madrid, Spain
  13. Gilbert, Arizona
  14. Frankfurt, Germany
  15. Manhattan, New York
I Love to See the Temple Singing Time Ideas Match Game

Temple Go Fish Alternate Game Idea:

For a fun twist, you could alternatively try playing “Temple Go Fish!” Print out 4 of each temple picture you’d like to include. Then, post the pictures that belong to the collective class (or half the room) on a portable whiteboard.

Face the board towards the kids, and away from you. Start with 3-4 temple pictures. Then, they can ask if you have a particular temple in your hand and seek out matches! Each side gets to make a match between each round of singing through the song!

Temple Match Game for
I Love to See the Temple

This Temple Match printable game includes 15 different temples from around the world with their location typed below the picture.

You can pick and choose which temples you’d like to include within your match game. Just select which pages to print during the print menu and you can print only the select pages you’ll need! Keep in mind, you will need 2 of each picture!

I Love to See the Temple Singing Time Ideas Temple Match game with a fun variety of 15 LDS Temples around the world in 2 printable sizes - full and half page. Play it as a match game or as go fish while teaching I Love to See the Temple. Grab the free lesson plan for Primary Music Leaders.
I Love to See the Temple Match Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

You’ll find a bonus printable lesson plan and smaller half sheet per temple printable included in the INSTANT Primary Singing membership when I Love to See the Temple is the featured song of the month!

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What other fun alternative games could you use these beautiful temple pictures for?

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4 thoughts on “I Love to See the Temple Match Game”

  1. You are so Amazing! I am so grateful for all the time and work you put in to help us have fun singing times! You are totally a blessing! Thank YOU!!
    Wondering if I could ask you to make me a St. George, Utah temple and a Bengaluru, India Temple so they would have your printed words on them like the other fabulous pictures from your set. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Thank you so much! Looking for exactly this for Nursery singing time and thought I would need to make my own from scratch. Thank you for sharing so I didnt need to spend extra time on it today!

  3. Hi Janel,
    Thank you so much for sharing these! What font did you use so I can include our local temple in the mix for my primary?

    • The font is called “Bernard MT Condensed”. It was a standard font on my Windows PC, but I don’t believe it is a standard font for Apple devices. I do believe it is a free to download font though if you know how to install fonts. Great idea to include your local temple!


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