Primary Singing Time Song Planner Printable

I’m a big fan of using movement and a variety of teaching methods for introducing the Primary songs. I learned many of my teaching methods from a blog that really inspired me, To Teach a Child a Song.

The printable Sharla shared, was a basic square grid that outlined the different learning styles you could then fill in. I liked the printable, and found it helpful, but knew I could make it so much easier to use.

I broke down my teaching ideas, which I already had printed out on a master list of singing time ideas, and then broke them down by learning style.

I then added those ideas right into the grid squares, so you could easily highlight, circle, or mark in some way your activity for each song, and add any additional notes in the remainder of the square.

Primary Singing Time
Song Planner Printable

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

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How to Use the Printable Song Planner: 

1. Print Multiple Song Planner Worksheets:

Print out one Song Planner Worksheet (at the bottom of this post) for each song you plan to teach throughout the year. If you don’t plan to introduce the song more than once or twice during the year, I would skip the worksheet for that song.

I printed out 10 different worksheets – one for the 10 songs I would be working on for the Primary Program Presentation this year.

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

2. Write in the Song Title and Style: 

Fill in the top box with the title of the song you plan to teach. You can add additional notes here, such as if it’s a slow or a lively beat, the time signature, a little about the song’s message, or any other notes to help you plan during the next step.

3. Pick One Activity From Each Learning Style: 

Now, considering the song’s message and musical style, you can easily go down the list of ideas and pick out one activity for each song. If planning for more than one song, try to pick different ideas for each song to increase variety and interest!

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

4. Plan Your Year: 

After you have planned activities for each of your songs, you can then transition those activities into a weekly singing time lesson plan by mixing and matching the ideas. You’ll want to mix learning styles each week to make your lesson plans more engaging.

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

Pop over to this post to see how I Plan a Year of Primary Singing Time Lessons in just 2 hours!

Activities by Learning Styles

You can find a variety of activities based on the different learning styles by following my menu tabs, above! The drop-down will let you choose the type of learning style, or sort by all learning style activities!

If you want a break down of each of the activities, we’ve covered them all here! See an explanation on what each of the activities are, by learning style, and with a post to see how we’ve used the activity in our Singing Time Lesson Plans!

Primary learning Styles by Song Type Chart for easy singing time planning with ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

To make your planning even easier, you will also LOVE this additional worksheet I created after a couple questions about when to use each type of activity. Grab this Primary Learning Styles Guide Chart to help pick the best activities to use by your particular song style.

Free Printable Song Planner Worksheet

I’m sharing this song planner to help other choristers come up with their own singing time lesson ideas! I will be sharing all of my lesson plans here on this blog each week for you to follow along, but there may be some song that you plan to use this year that I won’t be teaching.

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

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I’d love to hear your feedback! Is this Song Planner helpful?

Leave more easy lesson ideas in the comments below so others can find more ideas to add to the planner!

18 thoughts on “Primary Singing Time Song Planner Printable”

  1. Hi! I am very interested in finding out more about the 8 categories you have on your planner – I’ve looked through your site, but don’t see what I’m looking for I’d love descriptions of each and why you have the options you do under each category. I have a feeling your resource will work really well for me, I’d just like a deeper understanding of the options. Thanks so much!


    • If you follow the link to the original blank planner I got my idea from (it’s up at the top of the post) you’ll find Sharla Dance’s website which is an amazing resource! She talks about why the 8 categories for teaching and how they impact kids in a way I couldn’t really explain — but basically they are different learning styles to reach kids in the way they learn (visual, movement, written word, etc).

  2. How often will you repeat the same activity with different songs?
    Would you recommend doing clap patterns prior to cup patterns?
    Thank you!

    • Do you mean like doing rhythm sticks for different songs? I try to not repeat rhythm sticks, or whatever other manipulate, more than once a month. 🙂 The patterns and activities with them, are always at least somewhat different, though, as they match each songs beat, rhythm, melody, etc.

  3. Oh My Goodness. This is what I have been trying to do but am not organized enough to do it! Thank you thank you thank you! I have recently discovered Sharla’s methods but it’s a bit overwhelming. This totally organized it for me! Amazing!

  4. This sheet is amazing! I just have some questions about what some of the terms mean. Do you have a quick description of each? For example, for Kinesthetic, I don’t understand the last two (sway & freeze ; swish & tap, cup patterns). There are about 3 in each category I’d love to understand more–because I love the concept of trying to teach a song with different approaches. If you can reply here or email and let me know where to find that, I’d be so grateful.


    • Thanks for your comment!! I’ve had a couple of people ask, so I’m working on a series of post by learning style to explain the different ideas!! I just finished writing the post on learning by movement — so that will go live tomorrow. 🙂

  5. I have been trying/wanting to do this for a while, but I am too new to this style of teaching to know what everything goes with. Thank you so much!

  6. This is a wonderful worksheet to use for planning song experiences! Easy to use and differentiated for learning styles. Would you have time or desire to change the spelling of concrete? Unnoticed typos happen to us all and a quick edit would make this sheet be so much happier in my binder. My comment is not intended at all to criticize. I very much appreciate your creativity, time and willingness to share.

  7. I would love your master list of games to print off, I’ve clicked all over but cant find a place to download that! Can you point me in the right direction?

  8. Yes! I love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing. I would love to have access to this printable sheet but can’t find where/how to subscribe. How do I get access to this printable? THANKS!

    • Hi Becky, The PDF’s are at bottom of the post. There’s a “locked” graphic that says to “login here” or you can use the 3 dots button in the bottom corner to login! Once you’re logged in, all the PDFs in every post are automatically unlocked.


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