Come, Follow Me – Flip Chart

With the amazing new curriculum, it’s nearly impossible not to choose Come, Follow Me as one of the Primary Songs this year! As a hymn, it’s not one we often use in Primary, but it’s a great song with a simple but important message.

Come, Follow Me Flip Chart

I plan to only teach the first verse of Come, Follow Me, but this flip chart includes the first 3 verses to help you select what works best for your Primary. Each verse has a different highlight color to point out following the Savior.

I’m all about making the flip charts as space efficient as possible. For me, that means I don’t want to flip 10 pages just for a single verse. This flip chart has one page per verse, so it’s super easy to flip through the song, while directing.

See how I use flip charts for some handy tips and tricks to make your flip chart life easier!!

You can see more of my flip charts over here on the Flip Chart list landing page. I’ll be working on adding the additional songs for this year over the next week or so.

Come, Follow Me Singing Time
Flip Chart Printable

Click here —> Download Come, Follow Me Singing Time Flip Chart

Come, Follow Me Primary
Program Flip Chart Printable

I’ve also created a simple landscape flip chart for use during your Primary program. This is the words only, no artwork, and as big of font as would fit on a single page!

See how I create a Primary Program words book, here!

Click here —> Download Come, Follow Me Primary Program Flip Chart

Have any feedback about my Come, Follow Me flip chart? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your incredible work for Primary Singing Time. You have been a tremendous help for me. I wanted to teach the third verse for Come Follow Me, Do you have any plans to publish it in a flip chart format?


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