Come, Follow Me – Hands & Feet

This lesson plan will encourage a connection with nature and their senses and they feel and touch things that relate with the songs. By connecting with their senses, it helps to bring the song alive and adds meaning to the lyrics.

Come, Follow Me
Hands & Feet

For this lesson, I plan to discuss a couple of stories from Christ’s life. I’ll try to use an object lesson to engage their senses in each of the examples.

1. Footsteps in the Sand

Gather sand, or soil in a pinch, you could even use SNOW if it’s still around where you’re at! Talk about how we can see footsteps in the sand (or soil or snow). Let the kids try to make print in the sand.

Share a story about stepping into other’s footprints in the sand (or snow). My 4 year old was taking big huge steps the other day just to be able to walk in our footprints in the snow. It was darling, and a great visual reminder of what it might sometimes feel like for our little ones to try to follow us while they’re still learning.

  • Read and discuss: Mark 1:16-17 and the apostles literally following in his footsteps

2. Healing the Blind

Bring in wet mud (or a sleep mask). Ask a child to volunteer to be the blind mad. Add the “mask” of mud or literally wipe a little mud beneath their eyes (like football stripes). Then have them go and wash (I plan to use a baby wipe if I use actual mud).

  • Read and discuss: John 9:6-7 how the blind mind came away seeing

3. Washing the Apostles Feet

The Savior tells a story of using his hands to wash the apostle’s feet. It’s a great way to now tie in both the hands and feet from my first two examples. Here, I’ll bring in a small bowl with water and a washcloth. I’ll either get two volunteers, or I’ll wash one of the children’s feet.

  • Read and discuss: John 13:6 and how the Savior was always serving, including washing the apostle’s feet as a symbol of their cleanliness and how the Savior’s Atonement allows us all to be clean.

Finally, I’ll wrap up the lesson asking:

Q: How can we use our hands and our feet to bless others and follow Jesus?

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  1. I wanted to teach the Come, Follow Me in a way that wasnt as common as just using paper footprints with lyrics. Your idea of using object lessons of what our hand and md feet can do is so beautiful. Brings the message deeper then just paper footprints. Thank you!


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