Easter Singing Time Bingo

Everyone loves a fun game of Bingo! In this Easter Singing Time Bingo everyone will play with the same game card! Instead of having to print a variety of random cards, you’ll use a couple of wild and pick any cards to vary the results of who will get a bingo first and you’ll let lots of kiddos win which they’ll love!

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Play along with this printable Easter Singing Time Bingo game! Add lots of song repetition for teaching with song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

How to Play Easter Singing Time Bingo

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Setup/Prep Directions:

Print, cut, and assemble your bingo board and game pieces.

Pick 4 songs to include in Singing Time. Or you can pick 2-3 Primary Easter songs and assign the additional verses separately. Assign each song to one of the four symbols. For example, you might assign yours like this:

Easter Bingo game cards printable PDF with game pieces for singing time
  • Bunny – He Sent His Son
  • Candy – I Know My Father Lives
  • Chick – Gethsemane
  • Eggs – Did Jesus Really Live Again

Scramble all of the game pieces and have them ready to go in a cute Easter basket!

Easter Bingo game cards printable PDF with game pieces for singing time

How to Play: Draw a Bingo game piece. Act on the piece that is drawn.

If a symbol is drawn, you’ll sing through the assigned song.

If a word piece is drawn, you will pause for the activity or combine with a song! Simply repeat the last song (or draw a 2nd game piece for a new song) with the fun action or work through the activity listed.

Have you ever played Bingo in Primary? This cute printable Easter Singing Time Bingo game can be played togethers as a Primary or with individual game cards. Includes a variety of fun game pieces include pick any cards and wild cards! Use with your choice of Easter or any songs. With printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Write a Note to a Friend – Share love like Jesus did! You can use my Valentine’s Day love notes here.

Read an Easter Story – There are several cute ones on the church website, like this The First Easter Rebus story or this illustrated The Story of Easter that will read like a short storybook.

Color a Picture of Jesus – I’ve included a coloring page option within the printable lesson plan below. Or you can find some alternative coloring pages in this Gethsemane Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page singing time post.

Search for Pictures of Jesus – Use the Gospel Art kit to hide 4-6 pictures around the room! Have the children look for the various pictures while you sing through a song!

Hug or High Five a Friend – If you need a covid friendly alternative, elbow bump!

Printable game cards to match with our Easter Bingo singing time activity for LDS Primary Music leaders or use as a fun individual game

Sing a Song About Jesus – Let the kids pick a favorite song about Jesus! Maybe Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam or I Feel My Savior’s Love.

If you draw the Pick Any game pieces, the kids can mark off any of the matching shapes on their individual game board or the group game board. Sing through the matching song. If you draw the actual game piece later when working as a team, just draw again.

If you draw a Color game piece, mark off any game piece they would like (including word pieces). If playing as a group, you can do the activity or song they’ve marked.

Fun printable Bingo game card for Easter with cards to draw to select which piece is drawn including cute symbols for Easter

Extension Activities:

  • Assign songs by color instead of by symbols (5 colors – orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). Whenever a color is drawn sing through the assigned song!
  • Print 2 copies of the game pieces and play a match game!
  • For individual kiddos that may want to play with this cute printable, simply print 2 copies of the small sized bingo card and cut one up. Flip over pieces to find the matching piece and see how quick they can complete it!

Easter Singing Time Bingo

This printable lesson plan includes a 1-page overview of how to use this activity for singing time and a printing guide plus the easy setup steps.

Easter bingo cards with printable game pieces for singing time music leaders

You’ll also find both a 1-page and a 4-page Easter Bingo card that can be used for individuals to each have a game card or a larger board to play together as a Primary.

There are also 3 sizes of game pieces with pieces the size of the game card, or 6 per page and 4 per page to work for individuals or together as a Primary. You can just print the size and pieces you prefer.

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Easter Primary Connect 4 singing time game - Use these cute printable song helps to play a fun game together as a Primary perfectly themed for Easter! Includes a Connect 4 game board and colorful Easter eggs as game pieces. LDS Primary music leaders.

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