Flip Chart: This is My Beloved Son

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This is My Beloved Son - Flip chart for LDS Primary singing time choristers / music leaders!

This is My Beloved Son Flip Chart

We’re using this song this year as one of our closing songs. I look for songs that fit in with the theme of the month closely and then repeat the closing song each week during the month.

This makes it simpler to plan around a closing song. I don’t have to fumble to figure out what song each week and my pianist just has one simple playlist for the whole month.

So, we are using This is My Beloved Son – 1st and 3rd verse – as our closing song all of April. It ties in great with the theme and introduces this song to the kids as it’s not one of the 5-year rotation songs!

Head over to see this post on how I make and use flip charts (including a split ring hack that is so awesome!)

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