I Am a Child of God – Finger Actions

This simple I Am a Child of God finger actions activity can help the kids keep the different verses straight and be a meaningful representation for them of the words in the verse.

This idea was originally shared by a sister on the LDS Primary Choristers Facebook Group. I’ve slightly adapted it and added a chorus – it was a big success with my Primary group!

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I Am a Child of God
Finger Actions

In the middle of January, right when I was about to start teaching the song I Am a Child of God, our new first presidency was put in place. I had the privilege to watch the press conference that followed and loved what President Nelson had to say.

At one point, a question was asked about how to teach and retain millennial’s faith and membership in the church. President Nelson replied with the best answer ever. To open with this lesson plan, I shared what the prophet said was the most important thing to teach the youth:

“The best way I know is to help them to understand
what it really means when we sing and say,
‘I am a Child of God’.” – President Nelson
Press Conference on January 16, 2018 (at ~26 minutes)

With that lead in, I then used this fun finger actions activity to introduce the different verses and share this inspired song with my Primary.

For each verse you’ll hold up the number of fingers on each hand as correlates with the song verse (1 finger for the first verse, 2 fingers for the second verse..)

You’ll then continue to do simple actions with those fingers throughout the verse. Here’s the actions:

1st Verse – Use pointer finger on each hand

  • I am a Child – point to self with one finger
  • of God and He – point to heaven with same single finger
  • has sent me here – point to the ground “here”
  • has given me an earthly home – form a rooftop by touching your pointer fingers together
  • with parents kind and dear – hold out one pointer finger to represent each parent

2nd Verse – Use two fingers on each hand

  • I am a Child of God
  • and so my needs are great – spread hands apart “great”
  • help me to understand – point to head with one hand
  • his words before it – point to mouth with other hand
  • grows to late – tap watch “too late”

3rd Verse – Use 3 fingers on each hand

  • I am a Child of God
  • rich blessings are in store – put fingers into pockets like you are “rich”
  • if I but learn to do his will – lay fingers out like an open book
  • I’ll live with Him once more – one hand points upward to heaven

4th Verse – Use 4 fingers on each hand

  • I am a Child of God
  • His promises are sure – clasps hands with one hand on top, the other below, rolling fingers together
  • Celestial glory – “blinking hand” by opening and closing fingers demonstrating light
  • shall be mine – bring both hands in to point to self
  • if I can but endure – put both arms up to show off muscles

Optional Chorus Actions (keep same fingers from verse)

  • Lead me, guide me, walk beside me – slide fingers forward and back (alternating one forward, and one back)
  • help me find the way – draw a curvy path out to one side
  • teach me all that I must do – pound one fist on top of the other following the beat
  • to live with Him someday – raise both hands upward in front of you towards heaven like being exalted

Close by bearing your testimony of what being a child of God means to you and the reality of what that belief can mean for the children.

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3 thoughts on “I Am a Child of God – Finger Actions”

  1. Hi I am Seri Park who lives South Korea. I was recently called as a primary music leader in my branch in Ulsan distric, Korea. I was so excited to learn this finger drawing activity. I will do this with my primary kids and I can’t wait until I do it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Our primary is pretty small but I really want to be a good music teacher for them. Thank you for helping me getting ideas.:)

  2. Hi I am Sandy Hanks I live in Lehi Utah. I am so excited to learn finger singing. I can’t wait to teach all the kids this song. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We have a huge primary of about 200 kids this will look so cool in our Primary program.


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