Flip Chart: Shepherd’s Carol

Grab this Shepherd’s Carol flip chart to help guide singing the rounds for this fun Christmas song! I really adore this song, but leading the Primary kids in singing song rounds is difficult!

This flip chart is designed to help make it a little easier by separating the phrases by color. You can tell the older Primary to start at the beginning as soon as the younger half of the group move onto the second row, colored in green. If you do a 4-part round you can have each group move through the parts!

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Shepherd’s Carol Flip Chart

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Once you’ve printed out the flip charts you need, see how I use flip charts to help you get and stay organized while leading primary music!

Shepherd’s Carol Singing Time Flip Chart Printable

The Shepherd’s Carol flip chart is just a single page – but I recommend printing 2 copies. Put each copy into a separate sheet protector. Then, when you’re group is ready to do rounds, have a teacher, leader, or one of the Primary kids help you lead.

Give your helper the group that will start and goes first, as the 2nd group will need extra help getting started at the right moment.

By having 2 copies, you can each hold a chart and while you’re waiting to begin you can place the flip chart face down against your legs as another indicator that it’s not time to sing yet.

Click here —> Download Shepherd’s Carol Singing Time Flip Chart

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