We’ll Bring the World His Truth – Cup Stacking

For some reason, this song just inspires me to pull out the plastic cups! I had forgotten that I used the cup pattern activity for We’ll Bring the World His Truth earlier this year, until I was writing up the post on Singing Time Ideas for We’ll Bring the World His Truth and pulling in all the links to posts.

This upbeat song is really great for cups, and we’ve tied them in again for teaching the second verse.

My Primary kids absolutely loved this activity, they were begging to rebuild the tower, but I had the second activity to use  the cups for, so this could definitely be split into two different lesson plans for even more fun using the plastic cups, or do both during a single singing time, like we did.

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Grab our lesson plan for how to use this stacking cup game for learning and teaching the Primary song We'll Bring the World His Truth! LDS Choristers or great for FHE! #FHE #singingtime #primary #lds #primarychoristers #primarysinging

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We’ll Bring the World His Truth
Cup Stacking Game


This activity will have the kids building a cup tower with a single word from the 2nd verse on each cup. You’ll need a total of 30 cups for this activity. I brought a couple of extra, just in case one was broken during the activity and needed to be replaced.

Pick up a 50-ct pack on cups Amazon for under $10 – or pick out one of the larger packs which is even cheaper per cup. This AmazonBasic pack gives you 240 for about $16, plus they’re this pretty blue color!

I use plastic cups a couple times a year as a singing time prop, so they’re a great investment for me. Some will break from use, but most survive and I keep them aside with the rest of my supplies for future activities.

05 We'll Bring the World His Truth stacking cup game for Primary singing time lesson plans!

Just grab a sharpie and write one word on each cup. Some of the longer words (kingdom and righteous) I split with a dash so that the group would be able to see the entire word on the front of the cup, but they still only got one single cup for these longer words. Here’s how the layout will work:


Cup Stacking Game Set-up & Talking Points

Bottom Row (8 cups) – We have been saved for these latter days

I told the kids this is the foundation of the song, it’s talking about them and that you have a purpose here, today.


2nd Row (7 cups) – to build the kingdom in righteous ways

Next, I told them that this is why we’re literally building a tower. Just like we are called to build the kingdom, which is talking about missionary work. We have been called to help build the church.


3rd row (6 cups) – We hear the words our prophet

This row isn’t as perfect of a stopping point, but it does help us get to the very perfect ending. I talked her about the who – we are called by our prophet to share the gospel.


4th row (5 cups) – declares let each who’s worthy

He calls each of us, we are all worthy to share the gospel.


5th row (4 cups) – go forth and share!

Finally – the most important line of the whole song. This is our action we need to remember to take. “Go forth and share.” Share those last few words with emphasis and energy when you sing them with me.


Using this Idea in Junior Primary

In Junior Primary, I had all of the cups in order, neatly stacked by each row. I called a couple of kids of from one class to help me. I started with my Sunbeams, so they’d get a chance to participate on the easiest row.

I’d hand them a cup, and they would line it up on the table in front of me. Then the next child would line one up next to the first. Until we had all 8 cups lined up neatly. We’d talk about the line, and then sing it together.


Next, I’d pick a few new helpers from the next class. Again handing them one cup at a time and helping them know where to place it – right on top of the two cups below it. We’d now sing through the first two rows of cups.

We repeated this process all the way through the song.


Using this Idea in Senior Primary

When we cleaned up the cups after Junior Primary, I left them all messy and out of order on purpose. This will gave the Senior Primary a harder challenge.

I started with the oldest classes for the first 2 rows, as they would be the hardest to complete. The first couple of helpers had to pick and find the words to the first row (8 cups) and arrange them in order while we sang through the entire verse.

Before getting started, I told the group what the words are, so they could more easily find them: “We have been saved for these latter days”. They had to search through all of the cups, which were sprawled out around the table, to find the words and arrange them in order.

Then, we continued this pattern, singing through entire song while a couple of kids from one class would build up the next row. I had my last class (as we have 4 classes in Senior Primary) work on the final two rows together as there was only a total of 9 cups left.

When the entire activity was complete, I completely impressed the kids by holding the top corner cup, and sliding it down the outer edge of cups collapsing them down into a single stack.

There was endless shouts of “WOAH!!!” and “Can I try that?”

You’ll be the coolest music leader, ever, when you do this simple hack for cleaning up the cups. Plus, it helps get the kids away from wanting to throw something at the tower to knock them all down.


See this at the end of this video I created for my simple cup actions post! 🙂 Please forgive my misatched cups that didn’t stack perfectly. My kids played this game over and over and over the week after we did it in Primary so we’ve lost some of the cups since then.

If for any reason the video above doesn’t load for the demonstration of how to collapse your plastic cup tower, you can see it on my YouTube channel under the Simple Cup Actions video here!

This activity was a huge success, it really helped keep the kids attention, helped teach them the words because it gave them meaning and was visual, and let us sing the song over and over for repetition value.

You’ll also want to pop over to see the other activity we did using these same cups (and an extension activity) to get more value out of this cup activity that was such a hit! See our We’ll Bring the World His Truth – Simple Cup Actions post.

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