My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Playdoh Creations

Your little artists are going to have so much fun practicing My Heavenly Father Loves Me using playdoh!

For this lesson, you can share all about Heavenly Father’s creations while the kiddos try their own hand at playdoh creations!

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me - A fun playdoh creations game to teach this wonderful primary song - great lesson plan for LDS music leaders / choristers! Printable playmats and directions. #LDS #Imamormon #Primary #PrimaryChorister #MusicLeader #SingingTime

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Playdoh Creations

This lesson plan takes on an art approach to the song and lyrics! This would be a really fun way to review the song, when it’s been a few months since the Primary has sung it together. I created some simple shapes that represent the different phrases of the song.

Bring in a few different colors of Play-Doh. I like the smaller 2oz sized tubs as it’s a good  amount for using in Primary. You’ll need a laminator and laminating pouches, this 200 pack is what I use, it has lasted me forever and is a bargain price!

To start, have a child come up and pick one of your shapes (randomly – so they don’t see the others). Sing through a part of the song (1/2 of a verse or 1 verse or however long it takes for the child to create the shape).

They can use the template provided to help them design the image to represent one of the lines of the song.

When they’re ready, pause singing. Don’t worry, you’ll pick up close to where you left off singing for the next round.

Let the Primary child show off their creation without your laminated playdoh mat that has the keyword on it. Just have them hold it off and show it to the Primary or show it to their individual class if you have a large Primary.

For Junior primary, they can guess what the keyword is — in other words, what is the shape. Then ask the primary as a whole what line from the song that might represent.

The older kids in Junior can help fill in what line it is. For example, if the shape is a bird then the line is, “Whenever I hear the song of a bird”.

In Senior Primary, have one side of the Primary room try to guess the LINE from the song the picture represents.

They get one chance to see if they can get it right. If they don’t get it with their first guess, the other side has a chance to “steal” and try to guess the song phrase!

To close the lesson, share that Heavenly Father has created everything that we have, even our Spirits! Tie back in how we are a part of Heavenly Father’s creations.

You can print a copy of our playdoh creations mats. Just print, cut them out, then laminate and cut them out into individual keyword cards.

Having them laminated will ensure the playdoh doesn’t stick to the paper and they are ready to roll and mold the playdoh while the Primary sings and intently watches while the child makes the design trying to guess what it might be.

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