My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Hand Bells

My Primary group absolutely loves it when I bring in any type of instruments or manipulative – but their favorite just might be hand bells!

That might be because I bring hand bells in as a special treat just a couple of times a year, or maybe it’s just because hand bells are so fun! Either way, we’ll be using hand bells to teach My Heavenly Father Loves Me!

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me - Lesson plan for Primary singing time for music leaders / choristers!

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Hand Bells

The kids love every opportunity to use hand bells. This is such a pretty song, that it lends really well to using the hand bells.

I got my hand bell charts from the Handbell Heaven blog — this post! If you don’t have sharps, you’ll want to choose:

“KidsPlay Key of C” chart from those links

Have 8 kids come up and each will ring on their specific color. Look for great singers to come up next! This is a great way to work through the song 3-4 times until all (or most) of the kids have had a turn.

I use this 8-piece Hand Bell set. It was affordable (the name brand ones are double the price!!) and they have worked great! While it doesn’t include the sharps/flats, it’s a great set that works for a lot of songs!

If your Primary has mastered ringing the bells on time – you can create a popcorn affect by assigning each row in the Primary room to a different color!

Have them sing only the words that match their hand bell color (along with a representative from their row). It can be hard to catch all your words, but it’s a fun challenge they always enjoy trying!

Head over next to see how we’re using a simple scarf pattern to review My Heavenly Father Loves Me!

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