The Holy Ghost Flip Chart & Lyrics

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I’ve chosen to teach The Holy Ghost as my song pick for August! I’ll begin introducing the song this month, though, and again in June as part of our Come Follow Me Doctrine & Covenants Primary Songs so I have lots of activities to share coming up soon for how you can teach this simple but impactful song!

The Holy Ghost LDS Primary Song flip chart - Find this free printable and other resources and activities for Primary Singing Time music leaders!

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The Holy Ghost Flip Chart

I’m doing my best to add up all of my flip charts for the 2019 Come, Follow Me curriculum and my singing time plans.

You can see my entire Flip Chart list to find others you might need, in addition to this one for The Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost LDS Primary Song flip chart - Find this free printable and other resources and activities for Primary Singing Time music leaders!

This flip chart uses colors to highlight the keywords and as few pages as possible to make flipping through the chart easier! You can get more information on why my flip charts are the way they are and how I use flip charts over in that post!

The Holy Ghost Lyrics

Verse 1:
When Christ was on the earth,
He promised he would send
The Holy Ghost to comfort us,
Our true, eternal friend.
The Holy Spirit whispers
With a still small voice.
He testifies of God and Christ
And makes our hearts rejoice.

Verse 2:
And when we are confirmed
By sacred priesthood pow’r,
The Holy Ghost is giv’n to us
To guide us ev’ry hour.
Oh, may I always listen
To that still small voice.
And with his light
I’ll do what’s right
Each time I make a choice.

8 Primary Singing Time Ideas for the song The Holy Ghost! Activities and printable lesson plans to reach a variety of learning styles.

See our 8 Singing Time Ideas for The Holy Ghost to make teaching this song a cinch! We’re using finger lights, hangman blanks, number problems, hand clap patterns and more!

The Holy Ghost Flip Chart
Singing Time Printable

This 4-page The Holy Ghost flip chart includes all 3 verses and one page for the chorus. I usually only print the chorus once, but you can print it to place between each verse, if you feel your Primary needs the extra help!

The Holy Ghost LDS Primary Song flip chart - Find this free printable and other resources and activities for Primary Singing Time music leaders!

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The Holy Ghost Flip Chart
Primary Program Printable

As another alternative, you can choose this landscape version in plain black and white words of The Holy Ghost flip chart.

It’s perfect to use as a lyrics book in your Primary room for teachers and visitors to help encouraging singing. Or, use this chart during your Primary Program!

The Holy Ghost Slideshow Flip Chart

Just in time for teaching this song this year is our new flip chart version – a slideshow! It’s perfect to use with a projector or TV to easily display the words while you focus on the activity. It’s just one page per verse and a slide for the chorus.

If you run into any compatibility issues with the PDF version above, you can also use this The Holy Ghost Slideshow Flip Chart on Google Slides version!

Have any feedback about my The Holy Ghost flip chart? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your talents! It is such a blessing to have these flipcharts and helps for teaching the songs.


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