I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Missionary Video

I love seeing the excitement in children’s eyes when they sing about becoming missionaries! Their beaming smiles are such a testimony of their desire to become like Jesus by serving him.

That’s why I’m so excited to teach I Hope They Call Me On a Mission this year in primary! I’ll be using this I Hope They Call Me on a Mission Missionary Video to introduce this song. This spiritual activity is a simple but powerful way to share the message of this song!

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I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Missionary Video Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Mission Video 1

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Why We Love Using Videos in Primary

I don’t bring media into singing time very often, and I try to be very intentional when I do. Sharing videos in primary can be a powerful tool to invite the Holy Ghost to primary. It can also be a great way to introduce a new song!

There are so many great inspirational messages on churchofjesuschrist.org. I have loved browsing through these videos when I’m preparing to teach a new song in primary. This is a simple way to build testimony. Borrow a television from your building library or just bring in your laptop or Ipad if you have one!

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Missionary Videos

I want to introduce this song with a video because I want to start with the message. This song is filled with enthusiasm for missionary service and encourages children to look forward to the opportunity to choose to serve a mission.

To prepare for this activity, I searched through the inspirational messages on the Church’s website. I found so many sweet videos! In this post, I’ll share 4 of my top favorite videos to share for this activity. I’ve also included some music videos as well. Hope you find one you love too!

1. Your Day For a Mission

This Your Day For a Mission video is a perfect example of the sacrifice required to serve as a missionary. I remember watching this video as a youth and being inspired by this young man’s courage to sacrifice his opportunity to play rugby to be a full-time missionary.

At a little over three minutes, this video is engaging and not too long for young children!

2. Missionary Work Message by President Monson

This A Priesthood Duty video shares statements from President Thomas S. Monson addressing future missionaries and how to prepare for your mission. It’s a short 2 minute video but packed with lots of great gems about missionary work!

3. A Different Kind of Missionary Work

This LDS Living video is so sweet! It’s a little bit longer, but the 5 minutes are definitely worth it! This video shares the story of a couple who decided to help support missionaries by selling homemade Thai food to their neighbors and friends!

This video is a great example of how we can help support missionaries without being in the mission field. This may spark some fun ideas for the kids to find ways to help missionaries!

4. A Day in the Life of a Missionary at the MTC

This Day in the Life video shows you a sneak peek into what a typical day at the Missionary Training Center is like for missionaries! It’s a 4 min video clip that can help ease some of the fear so they can get excited to be a missionary!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Choose a short inspirational message about missionary work from the church’s media library.
  2. Prepare your technology ahead of time by asking to borrow a television from your ward library or bring your own tech just in case. You may also want to test the video before primary!
  3. At the beginning of primary, ask the children if they know what a missionary is. Some children may have siblings or family members on missions!
  4. Tell the children that you’ll be watching a short video about missionaries. Invite the children to listen quietly and think about how they can serve Heavenly Father.
  5. At the end of the video, ask the children how they felt during the video.
  6. Then, start teaching I Hope They Call Me On a Mission using our flipchart!

Additional Music Videos:

I wanted to include some music videos here as well if you want to use a music video to help teach the words. After teaching the words, share one of these sweet music videos and have the children try singing along with the video.

1. I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Sing Along

This first music video is a sing along video with some cute cartoon pictures! As you begin learning this song, have the children watch the video once. Then, watch it again and have the kids see if they can sing along!

2. I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Children’s Primary Song

This video has some really cute pictures, but does not have the lyrics written. I thought this might be a fun video to use to challenge your kids! Once they’ve sung through I Hope They Call Me On a Mission Lyrics a few times, have them watch the video and see if they can sing along without reading the words!

3. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission Acapella & Little Girl’s Thoughts

This video is totally unique and fun! It combines an acapella singing of I Hope They Call Me on a Mission that’s really beautiful with so adorable clips of a young girl sharing her thoughts on the life of a missionary.

When you’re ready to start reviewing this song, try this fun I Hope they Call Me on a Mission Around the World activity!

I Hope They Call me on a Mission Around the World game singing time idea

Which video will you choose to share while teaching I Hope They Call Me on a Mission?

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