I Want to Live the Gospel Video Story

To introduce I Want to Live the Gospel (archives) this month in primary, use this sweet I Want to Live the Gospel Video Story lesson plan! My primary children are captivated by a spiritual video, and I always need a way to keep the Sunbeams engaged!

This spiritual connection activity is a great way to invite the Spirit into primary as you begin to teach this song. In this post, I’ll share 3 Book of Mormon videos that I just LOVE and hope your primary will enjoy too!

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You will love this sweet I Want to Live the Gospel Video Story lesson. There are many examples from the Book of Mormon of prophets trying to live the gospel by following the Lord. Share one of these videos in primary singing time as you introduce this new song! #LDS #Primary #Singingtime #Musicleader

I Want to Live the Gospel Video Story

The lyrics to this song are so sweet and simple. I love them! One of the lines of the song says, “I will try in all I do and say to live the gospel more each day.” This phrase got me thinking about how many awesome examples of this principle we have in the Book of Mormon!

I love the Book of Mormon videos and want to incorporate a shorter clip from one of the episodes into this lesson. When I heard the line, “I will try in all I do and say,” I couldn’t help but think of Nephi saying “I will go and do!”

This would be a fun way to include I Want to Live the Gospel as part of your Book of Mormon Primary Songs for Come Follow Me!

I’ve selected 3 video stories about Nephi that you might choose to share during singing time to introduce I Want to Live the Gospel in primary this month.

Video #1: Nephi Commits to Obtain the Sacred Records

The first video I would recommend sharing is this short, 3 minute video about Nephi’s instructions from God to return to Jerusalem to retrieve the brass plates. This video has the popular quote, “I Will Go and Do.” Perfect for this song! Click on the video above or the link below to watch!

–>Click on this link to watch the video clip<–

Video #2: The Lord Commands Nephi to Build a Ship

The second video I want to share is this Book of Mormon episode about Nephi’s experience as He is commanded to build a ship for his family. This video teaches the importance of trying to follow the Savior by obeying God’s commandments.

This video is about 15 minutes long. If you want a shorter clip, you might choose to leave out some of the video. When I watched the video, I clipped it at about 8:52, when Nephi is speaking to his brothers.

–>Click on this link to watch the video clip from 1 Nephi 17-18<–

Video #3: The Lord Provides the Liahona

I love this short, 3-minute video about Nephi’s obedience to the Lord. This video is a great testimony of the blessings that come as we strive to “live the gospel more each day.” As we follow the commandments, we can be led by the Holy Ghost in righteous paths.

–>Click on this link to watch the video<–

Activity Instructions:

Before primary, obtain permission to share a video from the Book of Mormon video series in primary.

Prepare for the activity by bringing in a television from your library or a large screen.

At the beginning of primary, explain to the children that you’ll be watching a story about people who try to live the gospel and follow the Lord.

As you share the video, invite the children to notice how they feel as they watch the video. You might ask them to share a few thoughts after the video is finished.

Share your testimony about living the gospel.

Begin teaching I Want to Live the Gospel (check out our flipchart here!).

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For another great idea for how to use videos in singing time, don’t miss this When He Comes Again Silent Video activity!

2 Additional I Want to Live the Gospel Spiritual Messages Videos to Choose From:

I also wanted to share these two spiritual message videos that might be a good option for this lesson as well! If you wanted to use one of these videos, you could pair them with one of the shorter Book of Mormon videos.

1. Inspirational Message: Taking Upon Ourselves the Name of Christ

This video might be a great option if you have a lot of children turning 8 this year! Learning about the covenant to take upon ourselves the name of Christ can be a powerful way to teach the message of this song.

2. The Coat: A Story of Charity

You may remember this sweet story about the young Heber J. Grant who offered his coat to a boy sitting in the cold. This simple story teaches us to try to live the gospel by serving and loving others as Christ would.

Extension Ideas:

  • After you share the video, have the children try to think of other examples of people in the scriptures who followed the Lord. You could also have them pair up and share an example of a time they obeyed God’s commandments.
  • While you have the media out, share a music video to help familiarize the children with the song. Click on this link for a cute sing-along version to this song.
  • Have someone come in dressed up as Nephi to tell the story! This is a great option to make the scriptures really come to life.
  • Write a short script of the scripture story you want to share and have the kids act it out!

Try this I Want to Live the Gospel Letters Melody Chart activity next!

I Want to Live the Gospel Letters Melody Chart fun singing time idea to help the kids pay attention to the melody and crack the first letter code! Free printable for LDS Primary music Leaders.

Did you use one of these spiritual message videos to help teach I Want to Live the Gospel? Which one is your favorite?

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