In My Father’s Hands – Hand Pictures

I’m loving the new Father’s Day song In My Father’s Hands by Blake Gillette. If you haven’t heard it yet, go over and grab the mp3 and piano sheet music on his homepage!

The sheet music was free as of the time of this post (4/2019). It’s my Father’s Day song pick for this year. Because I don’t want to spend too many weeks on it, my Primary will likely only sing the 1st and 3rd verses, but I really love them all so it was very hard to pick!

One of the ways I’ll be teaching this song is with a series of hand pictures! There’s a very good chance I may also use these same pictures the week we sing the song, depending on how quickly the kids pick up the words.

If they need any helpers at on come Father’s day, I plan to just use these as the visual and keyword reminders!! (You can also grab the In My Father’s Hands flip chart, if you’d prefer to use that!)

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

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In My Father’s Hands
Hand Pictures

How to Use these Hand Pictures:

There are a lot of different ways you could use these pictures! Here are some ideas to use while teaching or reviewing In My Father’s Hands.

– Use the pictures to introduce each line.

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

– Mix up the hands and have them rearranged in the correct order.

– Post all the pictures and let the kids pick 2 pictures to remove from the board.

– Have the kids take turns holding the hand pictures. Have them hold up their picture high during their phrase.

– Use them to compare the descriptive words. How does firm and steady compare to soft and humble.

– Post the first picture of each verse at the top of the board and fill in the columns below with the correlating words. What other pictures/words might represent firm and steady?

– Compare our earthly father’s hands to Christ’s hands and to our Heavenly Father’s hands. How are they different? How are they the same?

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

In My Father’s Hands
Hand Pictures Printables

I feel it’s important to note that I paid for these pictures through a photo sharing service. Their terms state they can be used and shared, as long as the images themselves aren’t able to be used on their own in any other way. So just a big cautionary heads up — you won’t be able to crop or manipulate these files in anyway to use the images within the document in any other form without your own license. You can find out more information on their terms of the licensing here, if needed. (See specifically that they must be used in a created work, not be sold or given away in any manner as the photos themselves).

All that being said, you are more than welcome to print and use these, as is! I hope the above wasn’t confusing in any way!!

Full Sheet Hand Printables

I’ve created two versions of the Hand Pictures Printables for your use. The first is a full page per picture/keyword. This makes the printable 21 pages, so it’s a lot to print if you’re not on a printing plan (like Instant Ink which I love and highly recommend!!).

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

You of course can print just the specific pages you need so if you’re not doing all the verses, you can save paper and ink that way. If you have a large Primary or plan to use these when the kids sing for Father’s Day, I recommend the full page option.

Click here —-> to print In My Father’s Hands Full Sheet Hands Pictures

Half Sheet Hand Printables

If you need to conserve paper and/or ink, I’ve also created a smaller version of theseprintable hand pictures that fit 2 pictures/keywords per page. That makes the printable just 11 total pages with 3 pages for each of the first 2 verses and 4 pages for the little big longer 4th verse. Plus instructions on how to use these images to make it easy to file these away for later use. 🙂

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

This size is great for smaller Primary groups or if you only plan to use this activity one week and won’t use them again. You can cut each page in half or leave them as a full page, whichever works best for you!

Click here —> to Print In My Father’s Hands Half Sheet Hand Pictures

What other ways might you use these printables for teaching or reviewing In My Father’s Hands in your Primary? Share your ideas in the comments to help add to this resource for other music leaders!

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      • I just double checked the links — all 4 work! They are PDF files, though, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program to view a PDF file.

  1. Are all the songs provided here that are not in the Hymns or Children’s Songbook sanctions to be sung in Primary or must I get permission to have the children sing, “I see a Hero” or ” In my Father’s Hands?”

    • You of course have to follow the church handbook – which states you’ll need permission for any song not in the Children’s Songbook, the Hymnbook, or the Friend (or on the Church website). You will need permission (just ask your Bishop!) to teach I See a Hero or In My Father’s Hands.


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