Singing Time Monthly Plan – May 2019

It’s halfway through the “year” now for learning your program songs. How is your Primary doing? We’re still chugging along at a great pace. I think for my Primary they know 9 out of our 10 program songs good/great depending on the song! We still need a lot of work on I Feel My Savior’s Love, but the rest are sounding great!

Now, we’ll mostly have fun reviewing the songs and doing enriching activities until it’s program time. It’s a good thing, too, because now we’re into Mother’s Day and Father’s Day songs!

May Song List

May Singing Time song list

Focus Songs:

Come, Follow Me Teaching Manual Songs:

Junior Primary Wiggle Songs: (Taken from the Come, Follow Me Lessons)

  • A Happy Family CS #198
  • I Want to Be a Missionary Now CS #174
  • Families Can Be Together Forever CS #188

May Lesson Plan, by Week

May Singing Time Lesson Plans

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May Week 1:

May Week 2: (Mother’s Day!)

May Week 3:

May Week 4:

Editable May Singing Time
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You can grab a copy of the editable, printable version of my May singing time planning sheet. It will outline all the activities above with a short recap of the lesson plan so you can just print and be ready to teach! Access to the monthly lesson plan printable is exclusive for my weekly email subscribers!

You can use my lesson plans as-is, or edit the sheet with your own plans. I also fold this printable in half (like my song list printable) so it’s easy to use in my singing time binder and jot down any notes or changes in my plan as the month goes forward. I also make sure to note any activities we didn’t get to, so I can use those later in the year.

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More Singing Time Ideas for May

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See how I quickly and easily planned all these activities at the beginning of the year!

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7 thoughts on “Singing Time Monthly Plan – May 2019”

  1. Hi, I just got called to be the primary chorister in my ward and I can tell your site will be a great resource to me. 🙂 I have a question about the monthly songs. Was “Baptism” one of your choosing, or is it listed somewhere as a song to focus on? I see that the May suggestions on are “Keep the Commandments,” “Families Can Be Together Forever,” and “I am a Child of God.” I’m still a little confused about which songs we should work on month to month. Also, you have some songs listed for “Come, Follow Me Teaching Manual Songs” and some “Junior Primary Wiggle Songs” that are taken from the Come, Follow Me Lessons. Are those listed somewhere in Come Follow Me? Thanks for all your help. I’m excited to dig in!

    • I picked one song from each of the monthly recommended picks (or sometimes my own choice such as Gethsemane). Then, I rotate all the songs for the Program throughout the year each month. That way, they song they learned in February (Baptism) isn’t forgotten by the time we are ready for the program! Instead of doing just ONE song the whole month, I rotate all of them in a few each month and continue to learn and review them throughout the year! Hope that makes more sense.

      So, FIRST — Pick your songs for the year. Then, you can set up a yearly schedule for how often you want to work on them and work the songs into your yearly plan! Starting in the middle of the year, you’ll have to figure out where your kiddos were left off with the previous chorister and find the right balance for you through to the program, and then the next year you have a fresh start to do the planning however you’d like!

      There is a recommended list of monthly songs that tie into the Come, Follow Me manual as part of the directions for Music Leaders. But that covers ONLY the main songs recommended for the program. You can choose your songs from there or use guidance of the spirit and your own impressions along with your Primary Presidency to make some alternate choices for your individual Primary, as may be appropriate.

      I added wiggle songs and Come, Follow Me songs from the Primary Teachers Manual of Come, Follow Me. These were suggestions that the teachers could use in the classroom during their 20 minutes during the month. They tie very closely to the actual lessons learned in the home and at church. I will sometimes use 3-6 minutes on one of those songs during a single week to help support their learning and tie in the lesson concepts in Primary. This is also helpful for the teachers because if the kids have had some exposure to the song, they can use it in the classrooms, should they decide to, or parents can use the song in the home. The wiggles songs are just the fun and light songs throughout the manual and I use those when we have extra time during the transition between the chapel (my kids get to the Primary room in :30 seconds!) or after the block while waiting for parents, for example.

  2. HI Janel, loving all of your resources. Thank you for sharing all of your fantastic ideas and talents! I had a question….I am wondering what echo singing is? You have it down for May Week 3. I have an idea what it might be, but wanted to see how you do it. I am a newly called chorister and am feeling overwhelmed and just trying to get into the groove. Thanks!


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